Paradise Lost Set #8

  1. invoke
    • vb : to petition for help or support
    • syn: generate, prompt
    • ant: control, limit

    The criminal invoked his right to an attorney.
  2. transgress
    • vb: to go beyond limits set or prescribed by
    • syn: trespass, wander
    • ant: repent, regret

    There are school consequences for students that transgress the rules.
  3. deluge
    • noun: an overflowing of the land by water
    • syn: flood, bath
    • ant: drought

    The deluge caused a flood in the city.
  4. vaunt
    • vb - to make a vain display of one's own worth or attainments.
    • syn: brag, boast
    • ant: savvy, modest

    Mr. Trump is known to vaunt his money because he wants people to recognize him the.
  5. oblique
    • adj. - niether parralel or perpendicular.
    • syn: atilt, slanted
    • ant: even level

    Laura cones' sides are oblique because they are niether perpendicular and parralel.
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Paradise Lost Set #8
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