test on feb 1st

  1. the modem of a computer is the communication device that allows info to be sent over
    telephone lines
  2. what symbol is always in an email address
  3. which device delivers electrical current to the surgical site
    active electrode
  4. electrons revolve around the neculus in packs called
    • shells
    • or
    • orbits
  5. materials that inhibit the flow of electrons
  6. how does high humidity effect the operating room environment
    static charge leakage
  7. current is measured in
  8. sientific law pertaining to electricity is
    ohms law
  9. the rate at which work is done
  10. the srugical lamp is an ex of resistant energy what
  11. electro surgery is the application of _____ current to coagulate or cut tissue
  12. ultra sound immaging is a nonenvasive diagnostic tool that transforms what kind of waves into immages
  13. PET is a medical immaging technicue that reveals dynamic activites within the body such as
    blood flow
  14. mechanics is the study of what
  15. how fast something is moving without consideration for the direction is what
  16. involves the direction and speed
  17. exceleration is defined as a change in what over time
  18. projectial motion refers to the motion of an object launched into the air at what
    an angle
  19. classical mechanics are based on who's law of motion
  20. newtons 3rd law that states for each action there is an equal and oppesite reaction
    cannon's recoil
  21. newton's 3rd law is known as the law of what
  22. in physics work is defined as a force acting on an object causing what
  23. the most common form of energy is
  24. objects that have mass & take up space are what
  25. all mater is made up of fundamental elements that can not be broken down by
  26. which charged or not charged item is contained within the neculus of an atom
    protron and neutron
  27. molicules are groups of atoms joined by what bonds
  28. the 3 basic forms of matter solid, liquid and gas are called
    states of matter
  29. waves that are shorter than ultraviolet and about 1/1000th the wave length of visable light are called what
  30. sound waves are produced by ____ objects that set surrounding air molecules into motion
  31. many surgical robot arms have ____ geometry and versitility measured in degrees of freedom
  32. what is the ability of humans and surgical robots to determine the direction in which sound is comming
    bineural hearing
  33. the extent that a robot joint or set of joints can move clockwise or counter clockwise is
    degree of rotation
  34. what is the techinal term for a robot arm
  35. telechir is the name given to what
    remotely controlled robots
  36. what are the advantages for remote maniuplation
    • small access portals
    • improves operative site visulization
    • eleminates hand tremmors
  37. what is a rotating movement by the robotic manipulator
  38. the up and down movement is known as
  39. the ____ cordinates operations of the computer
  40. what is the same as 1,000KB
  41. in the 1920's who developed the first spark gap tube generator
    W.T. Bovie
  42. what diagnostic study uses electromaginatic radition to view internal structures
  43. materials that allow the flow of free electrons are called
  44. electrical potential is measured in what
  45. 1 kilowatt = ____
    1,000 watts
  46. power, load and switch
    • load- device that uses electricity
    • power- measured in watts
    • switch- used to open or close circuit and
    • controlls flow of electricity

    Not True-heat of light is the power answer!
  47. hotwire
    • usually identified by
    • black, blue or red insulation
  48. neutral wire is
  49. components of DC circut
    • load
    • conductor
    • source of electricity
  50. generatior of ESU activated by the
  51. the active electrode is also called
    bovie pencil
  52. when is the grounding pad used
    when ESU is operated in monopolar mode
  53. Bipolar cautery is used for
    coagulating only
  54. what is the study of objects in motion with much concern for the forces that produce the motion
  55. in an isolated system total momentum before any event is = to total momentum after the event is which Newton's law
    Newton's law of conservation
  56. molicules cary thermal energy in the form of
  57. sound traves thru what states of matter
    all of them
  58. most used laser in the OR
    Co2 laser
  59. what laser produces green wave length with afinity for red or darker tissues
    potasium titanyl phosphate
  60. what laser do you use on gastriontensial endoscopys
    NDyag laser
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