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  1. Symbolic convergence theory
    Concerned with group’s response
  2. Fantasy chain reaction
    • increased energy within group, upbeat tempo in conversation, and common response
    • to imagery
  3. What does symbolic convergence do?
    Symbolic convergence allows individuals to build a sense of community or closeness, cohesiveness, unity, and solidarity.
  4. How do we evaluate social scientific theories?
    • Explanation
    • Prediction
    • Parsimony
    • Testability
    • Utility
    • Heurism
  5. Parsimony:
    the simplest explanation is the best
  6. Testability:
    -must be able to be tested and disproved if wrong
  7. Utility:
    -there is nothing so practical as a good theory
  8. Heurism:
    should generate new ideas for research
  9. How do we evaluate interpretive theories?
    • - Understanding: fresh insight into the human condition
    • -Values: brings researcher’s and participants values into the open
    • -Aesthetics: should capture the imagination
    • -Community agreement: other scholars support is a sign of strength
    • -Reform: should help create change
    • -Heurism: should lead to new research ideas
  10. Interpretive approaches may be...
    Interpretive approaches may be a starting point for more scientific approaches to research.

    Interpretive approaches may be rigorous in similar ways to social scientific approaches, or they may completely reject those conventions.

    Many standards are similar across approaches.
  11. Social-psychological approach:
    -cause and effect

    -Asch conformity studies
  12. Phenomenological approach:
    -everyday lived experience

    -Understanding lived experience
  13. Socio-cultural approach:
    -language shapes our reality

    -Sapir-Whorf revisited
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