Coast Guard Diesels

  1. The exhaust gas temperature prior to entering the turbocharger, of the system shown in the illustration, is 100°-150° (37.8°-65.5°C) higher than the individual cylinder temperatures. This indicates __________.

    D. a normal condition
  2. The device used to limit engine torque at various engine speeds is called a __________.

    A. load limiting governor
  3. Which of the following precautions should be taken prior to starting the separator shown in the illustration?

    D. All of the above are correct.
  4. Which of the speeder springs listed is more suitable for a governor installed on an engine operating over a wide speed range?

    A. Conical
  5. In a diesel engine, internal combustion causes the piston to be moved by __________.

    D. the pressure of gases developed
  6. A secondary function of diesel engine piston rings is to __________.

    D. prevent excess lubricant from reaching the combustion space
  7. When a nozzle tester is being used to test a 'closed' type fuel injection nozzle, a clogged nozzle orifice will be indicated by a __________.

    A. distorted spray pattern
  8. Where engine bores exceed 230 mm, a bursting disc or flame arrester is to be fitted __________.

    A. in way of the starting valve of each cylinder for direct reversing engines having a main starting manifold
  9. Engine coolant accumulating in the diesel engine lubricating oil can result from a __________.

    D. cracked cylinder head or liner
  10. Once the separator shown in the illustration has been started, which of the following procedures should be followed?

    D. All of the above procedures should be followed.
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