Sunfish ground references

  1. Marble:
    Large Industrial building surrounded by rusty roof top buildings off HWY 45, NW of the Lock and dam. Fly heading of 040 when over this point
  2. 5 mile point for rwy 31:
    Pink house past the railroad tracks, right of the house is a rectangular shaped set of trees
  3. 2 mile point for rwy 31:
    when over Hwy 45
  4. 90 to initial for rwy 31:
    Good church on Hwy 45 after gravel pit and bat shaped field.
  5. Stennis
    the lock and dam located at the southern most edge of the Columbus Lake. Fly a heading of 320 to the 7 mile farm when over this point
  6. 7 Mile farm:
    a series of buildings with shiny roof tops with a north south road to the left of the buildings. Fly heading of 360 when over this point
  7. Crossroad:
    the intersection of a north south and an east west road, with a single building surrounded by trees to the right of the north south road.
  8. Rich guys house:
    a house on a lake with power lines to the left of the house.
  9. 5 mile point for rwy 13:
    A church to the right of where the power lines make a “Y”
  10. 2 mile point for rwy 13:
    an open field to the right of runway centerline
  11. 90 to initial for rwy 13:
    A cigar shaped field. When you are abeam the gravel pit look for the boomerang shaped island and fly towards the northern end of it, that will line you up with the cigar shaped field.
  12. VFR entry:
    Look for the gravel pit and draw a straight line from the southern end of the pit towards the river, look for a small island to the left of the big British police shaped hat island.
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Sunfish ground references
Sunfish ground references