1. what is a substance applied with a toothbrush or other applicator?
  2. what are three uses of dentifrice?
    • Remove biofilm, stain, deposit removal
    • application of therpeutic agents (fluoride, desensitizing agent)
    • superficial cosmetic effects (whitening, stain removal)
  3. how does dentifrice reduce biofilm? (what substances are used in the dentifrice)
    • prevents attachment of bacteria to tooth surface
    • triclosan
    • zinc citrate
  4. what substance are used in the dentifrice to reduce biofilm?
    • triclosan
    • zinc citrate
  5. what does triclosan + copolymer (PVM/MA)=
    increase substantivity (lasts longer)
  6. what is in vivo mean?
    in someones mouth
  7. what does in vitro mean?
    in lab
  8. what is the primary agent that is shown efficacy in reducing gingival inflammation?
  9. what is put in dentifrice to prevent caries/hypersensitivity?
  10. what % of potassium nitrate reduces dentin hypersensitivity?
  11. what does the fluoride in the dentifrice help do?
    remineralization (prevent caries and sensitivity)
  12. what are four ingredients used to help reduce supra calc formation?
    • pyrophosphate salts
    • zinc salts
    • sodium hexametaphosphate
    • triclosan
  13. what are two things cosmetic results from dentifrice are based on?
    • mechanical removal of stained biofilm
    • bleaching agent
  14. what are the five things most dentifrices contain?
    • detergent
    • abrasive
    • sweetener
    • humectant
    • therapeutic agent
  15. how are dentifrices primarily sold?
    pastes and gels
  16. what % of a dentifrice is water?
  17. what % of dentifrice is therapeutic agent?
  18. a ______ dentifrice has a drug or chemical agent added for a specific preventive or therapeutic action
  19. what % of dentifrice is detergents?
  20. what is the foaming action of dentifrice?
  21. what are five purposes of detergents?
    • lower surface tension
    • penetrate and loosen surface deposits
    • moistens and lifts off tooth
    • emulsify debris for easy removal by tb
    • foaming action
  22. what substance are used as detergents? (2)
    • sodium lauryl sulfate
    • sodium N-lauryl sarcosinate
  23. what are three purposes for abrasives?
    • cleans well with no damage to tooth
    • polishing agent used to produce smooth surface
    • a smooth surface can prevent or delay the reaccumulation of staisn and deposits
  24. what abrasives are used (4)
    • calcium carbonate
    • phosphate salts
    • hydrated aluminum oxide
    • silica, silicates and dehydrated silica gels
  25. what are the thickeners of dentifrice
  26. what are two purposes of binders?
    • stabilize the formulation
    • prevent separation of the solid and liquid ingredients during storage
  27. what types of binders are used? (4)
    • mineral colloids
    • natural gums
    • seaweed colloids
    • synthetic celluloses
  28. what are two purposes of humectants?
    • retains moisture
    • prevents hardening when exposed to air
  29. what are three substances used as humectants?
    • xylitol
    • glycerol
    • sorbitol
  30. what component of dentifrice prevents hardening?
  31. what component of dentifrice is the foamin agent?
  32. what are two purposes of preservatives?
    • prevent bacterial growth
    • prolong shelf life
  33. what are three substances used as preservatives?
    • alcohol
    • benzoates
    • dichlorinated phenols
  34. what % of dentifrice is preservatives
  35. what % of dentifrice is humectants?
  36. what % of dentifrice is binders?
  37. what % of dentifrice is abrasives?
  38. what % of dentifrice is flavoring agents?
    1- 1.5%
  39. what are two purposes for flavoring agents?
    • impart a pleasant flavor for pt acceptance
    • mask other ingrediants
  40. what are 3 substances used for flavoring agents?
    • xylitol
    • glycerol
    • sorbital
  41. t/f the substances used for flavoring agents are also used for humectants
  42. what are four preventative uses of dentifrice?
    • caries
    • hypersensitivity
    • inflammation
    • cal formation
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