Micro Ch 2

  1. Lenes & bending light
    light is bent when pasing from one medium to another
  2. Refractive index
    measure of how substance slows the velocity of light
  3. focal point
    focuses light in specific place
  4. focal length
    distance between center of lens & focal point
  5. 4 Types of Light Microscope
    • 1.) bright-field
    • 2.) dark-field
    • 3.) phase contrast
    • 4.) flourescence
  6. Bright field
    • dark objects
    • bright background
    • parfocal
  7. parfocal
    objets remain in focus when objectives are changed
  8. Apperature
    amt of light that passes through apperture of lens
  9. resolution
    ability of lens to distinguish 2 points
  10. working distance
    distance b/w front cover of lens and surface cover of specimen
  11. Phase contrast
    used to examine organisms that would be damaged by attaching them to slides
  12. scanning
    external surface prosuces 3d structure
  13. transmission
    see through to inside of speciment
  14. basic stain
    reacts w/acidic (-) part of the cell
  15. acid fast bacteria
    resistant to stain due to waxy material of antibodies
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