US Politics and Government

  1. Speaker of the house:
    • -assigns commitees
    • -preside and keeps order
  2. House of Representatives
    • -choose the Speaker and other officers
    • -power of impeachment
  3. Magna Carta
    675 years old; first document that led to any types of freedom; limited kings power even further.
  4. Hobbes
    thought people needed to be told what to do
  5. Locke
    thought people were good and make good decisions
  6. Mayflower Compact
    first written government in American history, pilgrims put it together.
  7. 1756-1763
    Fremch/Indian war-fought in the colonies/United States; french and indians fought the British and the Americans
  8. 2 things that happened during the French/Indian war:
    • 1. Britain took control of most of N. America
    • 2. Britain goes into deep debt.
    • -king of England turns to America to get money.
  9. first continental congress
    a group of representatives from each state to figure out how to make peace with the king; wrote petition-olive branch petition.
  10. second continental congress; 5 things:
    • 1. 5 people write D of I
    • 2. approved D of I
    • 3. Created army and navy
    • 4. printed money
    • 5. first governement
  11. 5 people that wrote the D of I
    Robert Livingston, Roger Sherman, Ben Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson
  12. Declaration of Independence
    written in July of 1776; letter from 2nd continental congress to King George III.
  13. Treaty of Paris
    1783; ****gave us our freedom
  14. direct tax
    added to the price of an item
  15. indirect tax
    price is included
  16. Revolutionary War
    April 1775; ends-oct. 1781
  17. Articles of Confederation
    new governement; governed for 6-10 years*
  18. federal
    since 1787, 224 years; one central government makes rules/decisions.
  19. confederate
    6-10 years; states and local government makes rules/decisons
  20. land ordinance of 1785
    took land we got from england and sold it
  21. northwest ordinance of 1787
    • 1. 3/5 states out of land from England
    • -ohio, indiana, illinois, michigan, wisconsin
    • 2. no slavery north of the ohio river
    • 3. how new states entered the union
  22. constitutional convention
    • may-sept. 17, 1787
    • -Philedelphia, Independence Hall
  23. Albany Plan
    helped colonies unite for trade and business
  24. things agreed upon at the convention
    • franklin had to be there
    • washington in charge
    • articles not good enough
    • seperation of power
    • republican
    • keep on D.L.
  25. People at the convention
    washington,hamilton, madison, franklin, morris
  26. people NOT at the convention
    jefferson, J. adams, S. adams, hancock, patrick henry
  27. the spirit of laws
    • -Baron de Montesquieu
    • -people with power ten to abuse power
  28. The prince
    • Machiavelli
    • -need a gov. that tells people what to do
  29. social contract
    • Jean Jacques Rousseau
    • -govt. has certain responsibilities to the people and the people have a certain responsibility to the govt.
  30. wealth of nations
    • -adam smith
    • -father of capitalism
    • -govt. should have 3 roles:
    • 1. protect citizens from invasion
    • 2. protect people from eachother
    • 3. educate the citizens
  31. two treaties of government
    • john locke
    • -people had the right to govern themselves and when govt. becomes overpowering we have the right to overthrow it.
  32. virginia plan
    • legislature should be picked according to population
    • -bigger states should have more representatives
    • -"big state plan"
  33. new jersey plan
    • "small state plan"
    • -wanted it to be equal all the way across legislature branch
  34. Conneticut/Great comprimise
    called for Bi-Cameral legislation
  35. bi-cameral
    two houses
  36. House of Rep.
    • picked according to population
    • -435 (1 for every 575,000)
  37. Senate
    • picked equally
    • -every state has 2
  38. district 8
    north of harshman road- rep. john boehner
  39. district 3
    south of harshman road-rep. mike turner
  40. district 7
    greene and clarke county-rep. steve austria
  41. gerry mandering
    • way districts are drawn
    • -party in charge draws them for political advantage for them

  42. governor of ohio
  43. Article 1
    legislative- make the laws
  44. article 2
    executive- enforce the laws
  45. article 3
    judicial-what does the law say
  46. article 4
    relations among states
  47. article 5
    amending the constitutions
  48. article 6
    national supremacy
  49. article 7
  50. what is the only way the constitution can be changed?
    by amendment
  51. can supreme court justices be impeached?
    no, unless they are charged with conviction
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