Theory II wk 3 part 2

  1. dentrifices can be used for treatment of what four things?
    • caries
    • hypersensitivity-sensodyne
    • inflammation-paste better than gel
    • calc formation
  2. flavoring
    all natural-Toms
    are all examples of ________ _______
    personal preference
  3. T/F mechanical aids are sufficient to maintain optimum health for all patients
    False! May not be sufficient for certain patients
  4. mechanical aids may need to be supplemented with a ___________ ___________
    chemotherapeutic mouthrinse. (it would be too simple to just say mouthrinse because we are PROFESSIONALS!)
  5. T/F Fl2 rinses help prevent caries for both adults and children
    yes ma'am!
  6. T/F chemotherapeutic rinses have active ingredients to reduce inflammation or prevent perio disease and dental caries
    this is a true statement straight from Wilkins. Riskay!
  7. rinsing can deliver an agent less than ___ mm into the ____ or pocket and is not the delivery of choice for pt's with _______ or deep pockets due to access
    • 2mm
    • sulcus
    • moderate
  8. what type of chemotherapeutic agent will reduce bacteria?
    antimicrobial of course!
  9. what does an astringent do? anyone? anyone?
    guess what! it shrinks the tissue! How exciting....oh this blows...
  10. what term alleviates pain (analgesic)?
    anodyne (would you like a bottle of "wyne" to alleviate the pain from hygiene school?)
  11. what does buffering reduce?
  12. what does deodorizing do?
    it only masks bad breath. I don't recommend it
  13. What kills anaerobic bacteria (perioxide) changes chemistry?
    oxygen! (that is why sonicare is so great! It creates little oxygen bubbles to kill the bacteria!)
  14. to reduce intraoral microorganisms and aerosol contamination during use of handpiece or ultrasonic scaler, what should be done prior to tx? (for the pt)
    have them use a mouthrinse
  15. _________ is the MOST effective agent available for clinical use
  16. the Rx for chlorhexidine in the US is ___%
  17. Name the three availabilities and uses for chlorhexidine:
    • mouthrinse
    • varnish
    • controlled delivery
  18. pre-procedural
    perio debridement
    dental caries
    temporary use for poor OH are all good reasons to prescribe ___________
    CHX (chlorhexidine)
  19. CHX Is safe and effective in: (4)
    • preventing and controlling biofilm formation
    • reduces viability of existing biofilm
    • inhibits and reduces gingivitis
    • reduces Mutans streptococci
  20. Low toxicity = poor _______ through the _______ __________. these are some considerations during CHX use
    • absorption
    • mucous membranes
  21. T/F CHX can increase in supra calc formation
  22. staining of teeth,
    altered taste perception,
    minor tissue irritation;
    desquamination of oral mucosa are all ________ of CHX
  23. CHX is INACTIVATED by ________ ________ ________ if rinsing immediately after brushing occurs. Wait _____ minutes
    • sodium lauryl sulfate
    • 30 minutes
  24. Focus on information pertaining to Triclosan, Phenolic-Related Essential Oils, and Oxygenating Agents for the use of ______
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