French Food Verbs

  1. commander
    to order
  2. vouloir
    to want
  3. boire
    to drink
  4. apporter
    to bring
  5. inviter
    to invite
  6. cuire
    to cook
  7. acheter
    to buy
  8. suggerer
    to suggest
  9. mélanger
    to mix
  10. ajouter
    to add
  11. verser
    to spill, pour
  12. couper
    to cut
  13. faire chauffer au four
    to heat in the oven
  14. servir
    to serve
  15. faire la vaisselle
    to do the dishes
  16. conseiller
    to recommend, to advise
  17. manger
    to eat
  18. préparer
    to prepare
  19. rendre
    to take
  20. mettre le couvert
    to set the table
  21. débarrasser la table
    to clear the table
  22. avoir besoin de
    to need to
  23. avoir faim
    to be hungry
  24. avoir soif
    to be thirsty
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French Food Verbs
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