BMR Assignment 1

  1. Pollution can result when what types of agents are introduced in to the air, water, or soil.
    Biological, Chemical, and Physical
  2. What operations causes the most pollution?
    Industrial, Municipal, & Transportation
  3. What material is the primary municipal pollutant?
    Raw or inadequately treated sewage
  4. What mode of transportation creates the most air pollutants?
    Motor Vehicles
  5. What is the most serious effect of pollution?
  6. Steel erodes faster when exposed to?
    Sulfur Oxides
  7. Most pesticides fall into what category?
  8. What is the primary pollution concern of the Navy?
    Shipboard Wastes
  9. What word identifies abatement?
  10. Under the Clean Air Act, what government body has the primary resp for assuring air quality?
    Each State
  11. What type of sanitation system on a ship retains sewage on board for discharge ashore or in waters where discharging is allowed.
    Collection, Holding, and Transfer
  12. When operating sanitation devices in foreign waters Navy ships must comply with what requirement?
    Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA)
  13. Vessels may not discharge unpulped trash within what minimum distance from the US Coastline?
    25 NM
  14. Submarines may discharge negatively buoyant compacted trash not less than 12 NM for the US Coastline only if the water depth is greater than how many fathoms?
  15. The Navy's land management program involves which effort?
    Soil and Water Conservation
  16. From what part of the world does the US import most of its crude oil?
    Middle East
  17. What program provides information and support for the Navy Personnel who are guests in Foreign lands?
    Overseas Duty Support Program
  18. Military Cash Awards Program (MILCAP) proveds monetary recognition of up to what maximum amount?
  19. As part of the Physical Readiness Program, navy personnel are required to undergo fitness testing at what interval?
  20. Informing the public and members of the Naval Service and Ops is the responsibility of?
  21. Extravegant, careless, or needles expenditures of government resources is called?
  22. Intentional misleading or deceitful conduct that deprives the government of its resources or rights is called?
  23. Intentional wrongful or improper use of government resources is called?
  24. You can report fraud, abuse, and mismanagement to who?
    Navy Hotline, Chain Of Command, & NCIS
  25. True or False, to maintain public confidence in its integrity, all naval personnel must comply with the Standards of Conduct and Professional Ethics.
  26. If you disclose information about a person to unauthorized personnel, you could be fined up to what max amount?
  27. The guidance and policy for making sure that equal opportunity works rests with what office?
    Chief of Naval Operations
  28. What person is resp for making equal opportunity a reality with command?
    Commanding Officer
  29. True or False, your performance eval does not reflect your attitiude toward and your conduct in support of the Navy's equal opportunity program?
  30. If a sailor take part in insensitive practices, they will receive counseling on treating people equally. If counseling is not effective, what action may take place?
    Administrative or Disciplinary Action
  31. On what basis should supervisors assign duties such as food service and compartment cleaning?
    A fair rotational basis
  32. The Navy sets the req for the advancement for paygrades E1-E9, what is the determining factor?
    A vacancy, High Multiple, & Passing the advancement exam
  33. Under what circumstances are Navy personnel prohibited from taking part in civil rights demonstrations?
    During working hours, while in uniform, & when on base
  34. True / False, when a complaint amoung personnel involved, you can attach a written complaint to a special request chit & forward it through the chain of command within 5 days.
  35. Who can be a victim of sexual assault?
    Both men and women
  36. What are some phrases that describe sexual harassment?
    Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, & verbal or physical conduct that is sexual in nature.
  37. True / False, someone in a command position makes sexual advances towards you, making it difficult to do you job. That is considered sexual harassment.
  38. Actions or criteria considered sexual harassment are:
    Unwelcome, sexual in nature, & occur or impact your work
  39. What flag are sexually explicit pictures?
  40. What flag are posters, calendars, and off color jokes?
  41. Who is resp for appointing the Command Omsbudsman?
    Commanding Officer
  42. Who determines the content and priorities of the command omsbudsman program?
    Commanding Officer
  43. What is the purpose of the Reenlistment Quality Control Program?
    To provide a personnel management program to control rating manning, to issue re-enlistment criteria, & to est standardized profession growth points
  44. All 1st term sailors in paygrades E1-E6 requesting re-enlistment must be approved for re-enlistment through what program?
  45. What person directs & supervises the Navy's voting program?
    Chief of Naval Personnel
  46. What sources set forth the basic disciplinary laws for the US Navy?
    US Navy Regs, Standard Organizational & Regulations of the US Navy, & Uniform Code of Military Justice
  47. What are traits of a good sailor?
    Puts the good of the ship & Navy above personal likes & silikes, Obeys rules of military courtesy & etiquette, & demonstrates loyalty, self control, honesty, & truthfulness.
  48. In what year was the Code of Conduct first prescribed?
  49. The Code of Conduct is to provide guidance when:
    • Stationed overseas
    • When traveling abroad
    • When facing the enemy as prisoners of war
  50. In what year was Executive Order 126333 issued amending the Code of Conduct to use gender neutral language?
  51. How many articles make up the Code of Conduct?
  52. When may you voluntarily surrender to the enemy?
  53. Who may be assigned shore patrol duties?
    Officers & Petty Officers
  54. When in an area with different military forces, the military police form one unit called:
    Armed Forces Police Detachment
  55. Aboard a ship the Chief Master-at-Arms reports to the Executive Officer
  56. Discipline training develops which of the following personal traits?
    • Character
    • Efficiency
    • Self Control
  57. Discipline is important to the Navy because:
    Enables personnel to function as a unit with a high degree of efficiency
  58. Punishment is administered in the Navy to:
    Serve as an object lesson to the wrongdoer and others
  59. What chapter of the US Navy regulations describes the rights and resp of all Navy members?
  60. Who is resp for making sure that the Navy Regs conform to the current needs of the Navy?
    Chief of Naval Operations
  61. Navy regs and changes are issued by the Sec of Navy after who approves them?
    The President
  62. Failure to obey any regulation subjects te offender to charges under what article of the UCMJ?
  63. What article of the Navy Regs lists the publications that must be made available upon request by any active-duty person?
  64. What article of the Navy Regs gives officers the authority necessary to perform their duties?
  65. Navy regs, article 1033 (Authority in a Boat), provides what officers the authority & responsibility over all persons embarked?
    The Senior Line Officer eligible for command at sea.
  66. Which of the following Navy Regs articles outlines the authorityof a sentry?
  67. An individual may not be ordered to active duty without permission from?
    Chief of Naval Personnel
  68. Per articel 1104, prisoners must be checked on at a minimum of how many hours?
    Every 4 Hours
  69. When you fail to get permission from proper authority to change watches, what article of Navy Regs could you be charged?
  70. Under what article of Navy Regs may a person be charged with Sexual Harassment?
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