Stats Test #1

  1. What is mode?
    The Mode is the value that occurs the most in the set of values.

    • Example;
    • 2,5,6,7,2,4,9,2
    • Mode = 2
  2. What is the formula to calculate 25th Percentile?
    Pk = (K/100) x n

    • P25 = 25/100) x number of values in the set.
    • This will give you the LOCATION of the value which rep.'s the 25th Percentile. Always round up. If the number happens to be a whole number, average that number and the next highest to get the location.
  3. Q1 = P?
    Q1 = P25
  4. Q3 = P?
    Q3= P75
  5. What is the Median?
    The Median is the value in the direct middle of the data when the data is arranged in order.
  6. What is the Midrange and how do you calculate it?
    • The Midrange is the value halfway between the highest and the lowest value.
    • = Highest value + Lowest Value / 2
  7. Range =
    The difference between the highest and lowest value.
  8. How do you calculate Variance/Variation
    Standard Deviation (Sx) squared.
  9. How do you calculate Coefficient of Variation (Cv)?
    standard deviation (Sx) / Mean (xbar) x100 = ___%
  10. Is 'x' the independant or dependant variable?
    X is the INDEPENDANT variable. it affects Y, the DEPENDANT variable
  11. What is the formula for the Coefficient of Determination?
    R (coefficient of correlation) squared
  12. D6, the sixth decile = P?
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