1. What does the primary hydraulic system drive?
    provides 3000 psi to the primary side of the flight control servoacuators
  2. Which hydraulic system has an electrohydraulic servovalve that allows the FMC and BUCS systems to affect the flight controls?
    only the primary side
  3. How is IPAS utilized in the primary hydraulic manifold?
    pressurizes the fluid to 31 + 3 psi to prevent pump cavitation and fluid foaming
  4. Which filter is allowed to be bypassed in the event of a clogged filter?
    the return filter
  5. During an emergency (loss of system pump pressure) or low fluid level in the utility hydraulic system the auxillary isolation valve eliminates fluid pressure to what systems?
    • 1. AWS elevation actuator and azimuth drive motor
    • 2. Ammunition carrier drive motor
    • 3. Pylon actuators
  6. When may the pilots rotor brake control be set to BRK?
    when Nr is below 50%
  7. When and what systems are affected when the emergency hydraulic shutoff valve is activated?
    when the utility resevoir fluid level drops low enough to activate the low-level switch and shuts off fluid flow to the tail rotor servoacutator and the tail wheel unlock control valve
  8. During preflight, what should the utility hydraulic return accumulator gauge indicate?
    55 psi
  9. During preflight, the utility accumulator pressure gauge should indicate what?
    a minimum of 2600 psi prior to attempting APU start
  10. The 3 position lever by the GSE hydraulic panel should be in what position?
    aft which selects the utility accumulator for charging and serves as the off position
  11. What happens when the EMERG HYD button is pressed?
    hydraulic accumulator pressure is applied to the utility side of the servoactuators
  12. What warning is associated with turning on the EMERG HYD pushbutton?
    once on it must remain on
  13. Where are the primary, utility, and accumulator hydraulic pressures viewed on the MPD pages?
    ENG page (ground format), SYS page, ENG page (flight format) when out of normal limits
  14. What is the minimum hydraulic pressure limit?
    1260 psi
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