1. What are the 4 engine modules?
    • 1. cold section module
    • 2. hot section module
    • 3. power turbine module
    • 4. accessory section module
  2. What engine module is designed to clean, direct, and then compress the air??
    the cold section
  3. What component drives the accessory section module?
    the radial driveshaft is driven from the compressor rotor power takeoff gear to drive the accessory section module
  4. What component provides an input from the collective stick for different load demands?
    the load demand spindle
  5. What component encreases the fuel pressure, controls the fuel flow, and routes the fuel to the fuel/oil cooler?
    the hydromechanical unit(HMU)
  6. Which oil sumps provide emergency lubrication provisions?
    A and B sumps(none in C)
  7. The emergency jet using __________ pulls oil from the emergency resevoir and sprays an oil ist on the bearing, providing approxiamately _______ of emergency lubrication for the bearings at _______ NG.
    • 4th stage bleed air
    • 30 seconds
    • 75%
  8. What color harness provides the following:
    *all overspeed and torque signals?
    power and control system trim signals?
    engine condition monitoring?
    ignition exciter?
    • blue
    • yellow
    • green
    • black
  9. Where does the ignition exciter recieve its power from?
    the alternator
  10. What component provides automatic hot start prevention?
    the DECU
  11. How is the engine anti-ice/start bleed valve turned on and off?
    electrically selected by the INLET button on the A/C UTIL page
  12. When is the ENG page emergency format autopaged?
    in response to all aircraft warnings
  13. How is the ENG page emergency format reverted to in-flight format?
    when the crewmember has selected the acknowledge button
  14. Can emergency autopaging be turned off?
    yes by the CPG by selecting DMS UTIL page
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