1. What measurement represents the horizontal distance, in inches, L or R from the CL?
    the butt line
  2. How is the cooling louver door assembly, located in the bottom front of each nacelle, actuated to the open and closed positions?
    it is spring loaded open and closed by engine bleed air
  3. What is the minimum turning radius?
    37 ft. 6 in.
  4. What is the warning associated with having the PNVS/TADS turret anti-ice ON?
    115 Vac is applied across the shroud windows and serious of fatal shock to personnel can occur
  5. How should the helicopter be approached when it is in operation?
    @ a 45 degree angle from the front
  6. What provides ballistic protection from the floor for the pilot?
    the forward fuel cell
  7. Does the seat have to be kept at the boresight position for all flight operations?
    yes(for test), to prevent color changes, reduction in quality, or distortion of the MPD
  8. When does the inertia reel automatically lock?
    pulled with a forward force of 1.5 to 2 G's
  9. Where is the squat switch located?
    on the left-hand trailing arm
  10. Which crewmember can release the parking brake?
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