The Arm, Cubital Fossa & Elbow Joint

  1. What does the trochlea articulate with
    The Trochlear notch
  2. The olecranon fossa is anterior or posterior
  3. Coronoid fossa is anterior or posterior
  4. What are the ridges on the inferior end of the humorus
    Lateral supraepicondylar ridge

    Medial supraepicondylar ridge
  5. What is the posterior fascia of the upper arm
    Brachial fascia
  6. What seperates the Anterior fascia from the posterior fascia of the uper arm
    • Lateral Intramuscular septum
    • &
    • Medial Intramuscular septum
  7. What muscles of the arm are in the Anterior Compartment
    • Coracobrachialis
    • Biceps brachii
    • Brachialis
  8. Biceps brachii m. action, innervation, and test
    • Action:
    • Supinate forearm
    • Flex forearm (when it is supinated and already flexed ~90o)
    • Abduct and weakly flex the arm
    • Stabilizes shoulder joint

    • Innervation
    • Musculocutaneous n. (C5, C6, C7)

    • To Test
    • Flex the elbow against resistance with forearm supinated
  9. What is considered the Triarticulate m. and why
    The bicepts brachii because it works across three joints. Glenohumeral, Humeroulnar and proximal radioulnal
  10. Image Upload 1
    What is this
    Ruptured Tendon of Long Head, Biceps Brachii m.
  11. Coracobrachialis m. action and innervation
    • Action
    • Flex and adduct arm
    • Helps resist shoulder dislocation

    • Innervation
    • Musculocutaneous n. (C5, C6, C7)
  12. Brachialis m. action and innervation
    • Action
    • Main flexor of
    • the forearm

    • Innervation
    • Musculocutaneous n. (C5-C6)

    • To Test
    • Flex the elbow against resistance with forearm semi-supinated
  13. What nerve goes through the brachialis muscle
  14. Posterior Compartment Muscles of the Arm are
    Tricepts brachii and anconeus
  15. Tricepts brachii innervation and action
    • Action
    • Extend forearm (agonist)
    • Resist inferior shoulder dislocation (long head)

    • Innervation
    • Radial n. (C6, C7, C8)

    • To Test
    • Abduct arm 90o, then the flexed forearm
    • is extended against resistance
  16. Anconeus action and innervation
    • Action
    • Assist with forearm extension (synergist)
    • Stabilize elbow (tenses the joint capsule)

    • Innervation
    • Radial n. (C7, C8, T1)
  17. The radial nerve supplies what muscles of the upper arm
    Tricepts brachii
  18. Extensor Muscles are inportant to what group of people
    Paraplegics, they use them to move the chair as well as lift their body to get in a chair
  19. While examining a patient with a lacerated radial nerve at the radial groove, following a mid-shaft humerus fracture, you notice that he can weakly extend a flexed forearm. Which of the following explains your observation?
    The radial nerve fibers to the long and lateral heads of the triceps branches off superiorly to the radial groove
  20. What artery travels over the trochlea
    Brachial artery
  21. Why is the brachial artery great for blood pressure readings
    It is pressed against the humerus and trochlea giving it a site of good compression, (should be taken at heart level)
  22. What is the Cubital Fossa and what does it contain
    The cubital fossa is the triangular area on the anterior view of the elbow

    • Median cubital v.
    • Lateral cutaneous n. of forearm
    • Medial cutaneous n. of forearm
  23. What are the contents of the Deep cubital fossa
    • Biceps brachii tendon
    • Brachial a. (+ accompanying deep veins)
    • Median n.
    • (TAN) for Tendon, Artery and Nerve
  24. What is considered the (Grace of God) tendon
    Biceps tendon
  25. Humeroulnar joint includes
    articulation between trochlear notch (ulna) and trochlea (humerus)
  26. Humeroradial articulation is between
    radial head (radius) and capitulum (humerus)
  27. Proximal Radio-Ulnar Joint has what function
    Articulation between the radial head (of radius) and the radial notch (of ulna)
  28. Radial head is secured in position by the
    Anular ligament
  29. Three components of Elbow joint
    • Synovial joints
    • Joint capsule
    • Collateral ligaments
  30. The joints of the elbow are
    • Image Upload 2
    • Humeral trochlear - Trochlear notch

    Humeral capitulum - Concave radius head

    Radial head - Radial notch of ulnar
  31. The Collateral ligaments of the elbow are
    • Radial collateral lig
    • Ulnar collateral lig
    • Image Upload 3
  32. Ulnar collateral lig. has what three bands
    Image Upload 4
  33. 3rd most common joint dislocation is
    • Image Upload 5
    • Dislocation of Elbow
  34. “nursemaid’s elbow” or “pulled elbow” is what condition
    • Subluxation & Dislocation of the Radius
    • Image Upload 6
  35. A physician performs bicipital myotatic reflex to assess the integrity of which spinal nerve roots?
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