Quiz for 2-2-2011

  1. Where are aorist and future passive derived from?
    they are both derived from the same tense stem

  2. In a lexicon what part of the verb are aorist and future passive?
    the 6th principle part of the verb
  3. Which of aorist passive and future passive is augmented and which is not?
    • aorist passive is augmented
    • future passive is not augmented
  4. What is the aorist passive tense formative?
    thn or n
  5. What is the future passive tense formative?
    thns or ns
  6. What endings do aorist passive have?
    secondary endings
  7. What endings do future passive have?
    primary endings
  8. When translating, what does the passive voice express?
    expresses something done to the subject by a third party agent
  9. In English what does the passive
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Quiz for 2-2-2011
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