Spanish Civilization

  1. alminar
    minaret of a mosque
  2. almohades
    Arab dynasty that defeated the Almoravids, who reigned in North Africa and Andalusia from 1147 to 1212
  3. almorávides
    Arab dynasty that conquered Fez, Morocco, and Southern Spain from 1055 to 1147
  4. beréber o berebere
    a non-Arab ethnic group from North Africa
  5. califato
    caliphate, territory governed by an Arab prince or chief called a caliph
  6. cantares de gesta
    medieval epic poems
  7. emirato
    emirate, territory governed by an emir, an Arab prince or chief
  8. estado llano o común
    third-estate, the common people
  9. hispanogodos
  10. Mahoma
    Mohammed (founder of Islam)
  11. Marca Hispánica
    region of Spain (corresponding to present-day Catalonia) that was conquered by the Franks at the beginning of the ninth century
  12. mester de clerecía
    clerical verse
  13. mester de juglaría
    minstrel verses
  14. mozárabes
    Spanish Christians who lived among the Moors
  15. mudéjares
    Moslems who remained in Spain after the Reconquest
  16. muladíes
    Spaniards who accepted the Muslim faith
  17. nazarí o nazarita
    Arab dynasty that ruled over Granada from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries
  18. omeya
    Ommiad, Arab dynasty that reigned in Damascus from 661 to 750 A.B.
  19. poesía trovadorsca
    troubadour poetry
  20. Reconquista
    Reconquest, the period from 718 to 1492 during which the Spanish fought the Moorish invaders
  21. reinos de taifas
    Moorish kingdoms created in Spain after the end of the caliphate of Cordova in 1031
  22. sistema de presura
    system of land distribution during the Reconquest under which a person had the right to take land and work it.
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