Human Digestive system

  1. Salivary glands
    produce saliva which lubricates food for easier swallowing and which contains salivary amylast to bein digestion of starch
  2. Pharynx
    passageway of both food(into esophagus) and air(into trachea)
  3. teeth
    mechanical digestion = breaks food into smaller pieces for easier swallowing and to increase surface area for enzymes
  4. Tongue
    mixes food with saliva; moves food between teeth for chewing and to pharynx for swallowing; contains taste buds
  5. epiglottis
    covers trachea during swallowing to prevent entry of food
  6. mouth
    revieves food; site of chemical digestion of starch
  7. esophagus
    transport food bolus from pharynx to stomach by peristalsis
  8. cardiac sphincter
    closes during stomach churning to prevent chyme (containing HCL) from moving back into esophagus
  9. liver
    produces bile for emulsification of fats fat --->(bile)---> fat droplets
  10. gall bladder
    stores and concentrates bile
  11. Stomach
    mechanical digestion of food --> enzyme: chemical digestion of proteins
  12. pancreas
    • produces digestive enzymes and insulin and glycagon hormones
    • -produces the hormones insulin(lowers blood sugar), and glycagon (increases blood sugar)
  13. pyloric sphincter
    opens and closes to allow chyme to enter small intestine, from tsomach, in small squires
  14. duodenum
    recieves bile from the liver and enzymes and sodium bicarbonate from the pancreas
  15. small intestine
    site of digestion of all food substrates, and of absorption of all nutrient molecules
  16. large intestine (colon)
    absorption of water and salts; ecoli bacteria within colon produce useful vitamins and amino acids which are absobed through lining of colon.
  17. appendix
    no known function in humans, thought to play a role in the immune response
  18. rectum
    stores feces to defecation = release from body
  19. anus
    allow feces to exit body or digestive tract
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