Midterm Review

  1. Flagellants
    people who beat themselves as punishment for their sins
  2. Indulgences
    • payments made to the Pope or church in order to reduce time in pergatory
    • good for the rich, bad for the poor
  3. Classical Education
    Education based on rhetoric, grammar, poetry, history, Latin and Greek
  4. Sects
    small groups of believers in Martin Luther's ideas
  5. Jesuits
    • Group of people who taught people (especially children) the bible and about the church in means of fighting the Protestent Reformation
    • Jesuit order founded by Ignatius de Layola, ran them like a military organization
  6. Sovereign Power
    King's claiming sole authority throughout their realm
  7. Calvinism
    • Strict religion under John Calvin
    • no dancing, showy dress, etc modest with no fun
    • belief that when people were born they were pre-destined for heaven or hell and there was no changing your fate
  8. Standard of Living
    • the good way of living and as the standard of living rose the prices of basic things went down
    • the average level of goods and luxuries available in society based on wealth
  9. Renaissance
    Rebirth of learning in Europe, large interest in Latin and Greek
  10. Black Death
    Also known as the plague, killed 25-50% of Europe's population killed large part of Asia
  11. Machiavelli
    • philosopher that wrote the Prince- book for monarchs to help lead
    • argued that power and ruthlessness were more important than idealism
  12. Michaelangelo
    • greatest and most famous artist of the Rennaisannce
    • focused on human body religously based
    • major patron was the Pope
    • painted the vatican and sistine chapel
    • created david
  13. What is David?
    Michaelangelo's statue with perfect human form
  14. Leonardo DaVinci
    • The ideal Renaissance Man
    • Sketcher, painter, architect, inventor
    • one human sketch became the model for the medical world
    • sketched inventions: helecopter, submarine
    • most famous piece: Mona Lisa- bc her eyes follow you
  15. Raphael
    • Painted the "Cast Man"
    • Painted Madonnas: perfect mother raising a child
    • Avoided excessive details
  16. Shakespeare
    • Playwrite for Elizabeth in the Golden Age
    • wrote about average people, focused on morals and daily life
    • paid by royal family to write as much as he could
  17. Johannes Gutenburg
    • created first moving printing press
    • began printing all kinds of ideas for all Europe- so many people introduced to new thoughts
    • most famous work is Gutenburg bible in common language (only 3 remaining)
  18. Martin Luther
    • a monk, priest- regional leader of church
    • in germany, he was upset with the pope allowing indulgences
    • people in his parish began to demand he give them a way to decrease time in purgatory
    • Sent the Pope letters telling him to stop- ignored
    • eventually posted 95 complaints on pope's church door- risky bc he could've been charged with Heresy
    • more people read his list and realized that it was true and word spread, more people went to his church and protested the pope
    • started protestant relgion
  19. John Calvin
    • Studied Lutheranism
    • believed in predestination and modesty
  20. Ignatious de Layola
    • a soldier and noble
    • formed a new organization of Jesuits in the church, against protestants, needs more Catholics in the church
    • formed the Jesuit order- focused on obidience to the church and helping children- teaching catholicism
  21. Henry VIII
    • Killed wives and children because he was unable to have sons and blamed them
    • Wanted to divorce his wife but catholic church said no
    • so he created his own religion, protestantism which allowed him to
  22. Successors of the "prophet"
  23. Followers of Ali
  24. Male clan leaders in Arabian Society
  25. Muhammad's first convert and first Caliph
    Abu Bakhar
  26. Capital of Iraq
  27. Mamluk's (military slaves) country of origin
  28. One who rules by power of the sword
  29. Devotion to the Islamic Religion
  30. Turkish Military Slave
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