Honors US History

  1. Andrew "Old Hickory" Jackson's most celebrated military victory. Repels a
    British invasion of New Orleans. Victory comes after a cease-fire that
    ended the War of 1812 between the US and England.
    Battle of New Orleans
  2. Party founded by Jefferson and Madison. Believed in strict
    interpretation of the constitution, the common man and powerful state
    governments. Old Anti-Federalists.
    Democratic-Republican Party
  3. 1794. Invented by Eli Whitney. Made the de-seeding
    of cotton faster. Increased the amount of cotton planted and the number
    of slaves imported into the U.S.
    Cotton Gin
  4. Treaty between the U.S. and France. France promises to respect US
    shipping rights, end impressment, pay damages to ship owners and grant
    US a favorable trade status.
    Convention of 1800
  5. The first 10 Amendments to the US constitution. Protects individual
    civil rights from governments abuse. Key issue in ratification of the
    constitution by states.
    Bill of Rights
  6. 1798, Four laws. An effort to stop foreigners who tried to influence US
    policy towards England and France. Raised citizenship requirements from 5
    to 14 years. Suppressed "false, malicious statements" against the
    government. Resented by Democratic-Republican opponents of President
    Alien and Sedition Acts
  7. 1819 Secretary of State John Q Adams makes a treaty with Spain. Spain
    gives up Florida and its claims on the Oregon territory to the U.S.
    Adams-Onis Treaty
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