Vocab Jan 31

  1. Method
    • 1. Behavior or operation of an object
    • 2. Procedure used by an object, as defined within the object's class
  2. Method signature
    The number and types of arguments of a method
  3. MICR
    magnetic ink character recognition
  4. Microprocessor
    Integrated circuit incorporating the main components of a central processor, used for microcomputers and small devices controlled by computer
  5. Microwave transmission
    method of electronic communicaton that doesn't need tables
  6. Modem
    "modulator/demodulator": a piece of electronic equipment that converts digital signals from a computer into audio signals that are transmitted over telephone lines, and converts them back again
  7. Modular language
    language in which a complete program can be broken down into separate components (called modules), each of which is to some extent self-contained. The scope of variables declared in a module is just within that module
  8. Modularity
    an aspect of structured programming in which individual tasks are programmed as distinct sections or modules. Modifying one section does not mean needing to change another section.
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Vocab Jan 31