Road to WWII

  1. Who was Joseph Stalin?
    • -Led Russia from 1924-1956
    • -Maintained a Communist government
    • -Made the Great Purge killing or banishing those to Siberia to those who stood or was thought as a threat
  2. Who was Benito Mussolini?
    • -Led Italy from1922-1945
    • -Maintained a Facist government
    • -Nickname was " IL Duce"- the leader
    • -Wanted to create another Roman Empire
    • -Slogan: "The country is Nothing Without Conquest"
    • -First country they took was Ethiopia in 1935 and soon joined Axis powers in 1936
  3. Who was Adolf Hitler?
    • -Led Germany from 1932-1945
    • -Created the Nazi Party (National Socialist Workers Party)
    • -Tried to overthrow the government at what was called Beer Hall Putsch, 1923
    • -Sentenced to 5 years in prison, Wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle)
    • -Wanted to have an Aryan Race, The ideal German
    • -Third Reich, third empire
  4. What was Hitler's projects once he was in control?
    -Hitler violated the Versailles Treaty and began rearming Germany
  5. What was Public Work Programs?
    Created jobs funded by the government
  6. What lands did Hitler take back that were lost in WWI?
    • -Rhineland, 1936: western part of Germany where Hitler rebuilt army
    • -Austria, 1938: peacefully annexed to Germany
    • -Sudentland-Was given in hope of not expanding but instead invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia
  7. Who was Sir Winston Churchill?
    • -Prime Minister from 1940-1955
    • -WWI Veteran
  8. What was Hitler's order of attack?
    • -Rhineland, 1936
    • -Austria, 1938
    • -Sudentland, 1938
    • -Poland, September 1, 1939 (beginning of war)
    • -Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, France, 1940
  9. What was Vichy France and who was Charles de Gaulle?
    Vichy france was Free France and Charles de Gaulle was the leader of Free France
  10. List the Neutrality Acts
    • 1935: banend the U.S from providing weapons to foreign countries
    • 1936: banned loans to warring nations
    • 1937: allowed trade of non-military goods as long as they could pay cash and transport the goods themselves
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