Mental Health 3

  1. you must have how many symptoms in a month to be diagnosed with schizophrenia?
  2. negative symptoms of schiz?
    affect, alogia, avolition, anhendonia
  3. positive smyptoms of schiz?
    related to delusions, halucinations, tangenital speech
  4. cognitive symptoms of schiz?
    disordered thinking, inability to make decisions, poor decision making and problem solving
  5. depressing symptoms of schiz?
    hopelessness and suicidal thoughts
  6. Schizophrenia has 3 kind of hallucinations?
    auditory, visual and command
  7. what is command hallucinations?
    most serious, may cause harm to self or others
  8. types of schizophrenia?
    paranoid, disorganized, catatonic, residual and undifferentiated
  9. suspicious toward others, and hallucinations?
    paranoid schiz
  10. with drawl from society and very inappropriate behaviors such as poor hygiene and muttering constantly to self, more in homeless, bizarre mannerisms, speech hallucination and delusions
    disorganized schizophrenia
  11. characterized by 2 abnormal movements?
    catatonic schiz
  12. constant movement, unusual movement, posturing, incohherent speech, self care needs may be predominate, danger to self or others in thsi catatonic stage
  13. client may appear comatose, waxy, flexibility, extreme self care needs in this catatonic stage?
  14. active symptoms are no longer present but the client has two or more symptoms?
    resdiual schiz
  15. the client has symptoms of schiz but does not meet criteria for any other types
    undifferentiated schiz
  16. goal of psychosocial treatment?
    clinical and family support, rehab, humanitarian/public safety
  17. etiology of schiz?
    role of seratonin and glumate, brain anomolies, birth complications, loss of o2, toxin exposure, infection
  18. hwo do u assess a schiz pt?
    GAF scale
  19. schiz meds? treats pos and neg symptoms
    risperdal, zyprexa, seroquel, abilify, clozaril
  20. meds of schiz that treat pos symptoms?
    hadol, thorazine, prolixin
  21. antidepressant?
  22. anxiolytics/benzos
    ativan and klonipin
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