World Religions Jainism

  1. Aagamas
    • –Scriptures
    • of the Svetambaras
  2. •Ahimsa:
    • –Nonviolence
    • and respect for all life
  3. Anekantavada:
    • –relative
    • pluralism (no one has all truth, so tolerate all viewpoints)

  4. •Aparigraha:
  5. •Digambara:
    • –means
    • “Sky-clad” and refers to those Jain monks who wander naked
  6. •Himsa:
  7. Jina:

    • –one
    • who has attained enlightenment.

    • –Root
    • word for Jainism
  8. •Jiva:
    • –the spirit contained within all living things, be
    • they human, animal, or plant
  9. Kevala-jnana

    –the gaining of infinite knowledge
  10. •Karma-matter:
    • –the substance that contaminates a person’s soul
    • as the consequence of evil deeds,

    • –causing the soul to sink in the universe and on
    • the scale of existence
  11. •Moksha:
  12. •Sadhu:
  13. Sadvis
  14. Samsara
    • –the endless series of births, deaths, and
    • rebirths to which all beings are subject.
  15. Samsari
    –Soul still on samsara
  16. Siddha
    –liberated soul dwelling in Siddha Sila

    –Achieved moksha
  17. •Sramana:
    • –Non-vedic
    • tradition, no priests, sacrfices, castes, vedas, etc.
  18. Sravakas
    –male lay person
  19. Sravikas
    –female lay person
  20. •Sthanakvasi:
    • –subset
    • of svetambara, non-image worshiping sect, mouth covered
  21. •Svetambara:
    • –means
    • “white-clad” and refers to those Jain monks who wear a white robe or loin cloth
  22. •Terapanthi:
    • –subset
    • of svetambara, non-image worshiping, one leader for the whole community
  23. •Tirthankara:
    • –Means
    • “Ford-finder” Mahavira is considered the 24th and last
    • “ford-finder”. He, like the previous
    • ones, found the way to gain release from the wheel and has shown this way to
    • the others
  24. •Wheel:
    • –Round
    • of rebirths
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