1. Ecology
    study of the relationship between organisms and thier environment
  2. Green House Effect
    warming of the earth due to the insulating effect of gases in the atmosphere
  3. Extinction
    dying out of a species
  4. Biosphere
    area on or around Earth where life exsists
  5. Ecosystem
    biotic and abitoic components of an environment
  6. Community
    all populations in one area
  7. Population
    all members of a species that live in the same area and make up a breeding group
  8. Species
    group of organisms of a single type that are capable of producing fertile offspring in the natural environment
  9. Abiotic factors
    nonliving component of an ecosystem
  10. Biotic factors
    living component of an ecosystem
  11. Conformer
    organism that doesn't regulate its internal environment
  12. Regulator
    organism that uses energy to control its internal environment
  13. Dormacy
    state of decreased metabolism
  14. Migration
    a population moving
  15. Niche
    way of life for a species
  16. Immigration
    moving into a population
  17. Emmigration
    moving out of a population
  18. Limiting Factors
    biotic or abiotic factor that restrains the growth of a population
  19. Carrying Capacity
    number of individuals of a species that an ecosystem is capable of supporting
  20. Density Dependent Factor
    variable related to the density of a population that affects population size
  21. Density Independent Factor
    variable that affects population size regardless of population density
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