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  1. Number of Books in the Old and New Testament
    • Old Testament: 46
    • New Testament: 27
  2. Define Assumption
    Mary's ascent to heaven, body and soul
  3. Define Penitential Rite
    General confession, held at the start of mass
  4. Define covenant
    Promise between humanity and god
  5. Incarnation
    Jesus is truly God and Human
  6. Over how many years was the Old and New testament en
    Over 1000
  7. Are the Gospels historical fact or are they biographies of Jesus
    Major sources of Information about Jesus
  8. Did Jesus practice his Jewish faith in it's entirely?
  9. Parts of the Mass
    • Greeting
    • Procession
    • Greeting
    • Penitntial rite
    • Kyrie
    • The gloria
    • The opening prayer

    • First reading
    • Responsorial psalm
    • Second reading
    • Gospel acclamation
    • The homily
    • Procession of faith
    • General intercession

    • The offertory
    • Prayer over the gfts
    • Eucharistic prayer
    • Preface
    • Eucharistic prayer
    • transubstantiation
    • Memorial acclamation
    • The doxology

    • The lords prayer
    • The sign of peace
    • Breaking of the bread
    • Holy communion
    • Prayer after communion
    • Concluding prayer
    • Blessing
    • Dissmisal
  10. How many years before the time of Jesus did Judaism begin?
    1800 before Jesus
  11. Describe Trinity
    The christine doctrine that three divine persons exist in one god
  12. Who is included in the communion of Saints?
    All members of the christian church, living and dead, on earth, and in heaven, and those who believe in purgetory
  13. Why is the Eucharist called the blessed sacrament?
    Jesus is physically present under appearences
  14. Who is the founder of Judiasm?
    Abraham founded Judiasm
  15. Describe Jewish Passover
    A holy day which commemorates the tenth plague, the death of the first born son. Jews painted blood of lamb on their doors so that the angel of death would pass over
  16. True or False: Catholics worship the virgin Mother Mary.
    False, as Catholics, we honor her
  17. What does it mean to say that Jesus died for our sins?
    Jesus sacrificed himself to open the Gates of Heaven
  18. What reasons would you give to convince someone Jesus truly did resurrect from the dead?
    • 1. The romans stole him
    • 2. The Jewish leaders stole him
    • 3. The apostles stole him
    • 4. He walked out
    • 5. Mary, his mother, was crying by his side on the cross
  19. Handout** Jesus: Lord, Liar, or lunatic
    • Mark 2:1- "My son, your sins are forgiven." He's claiming to be God.
    • Matt 10:32-33 Jesus says, "if anyone declares publicly that he belongs to me, I will do the same for him before my Father in heaven" example that he is sane.
  20. Define Doctrine
    Any truth taught by the church as necessary foe acceptence by the faithful.
  21. Define Revelation
    Disclosure by God of himself and his will to the human race.
  22. Define Transubstantiation
    The complete change of the substance of bread and wine into the substance of Christ's body and blood by a validly ordained priest during the concecration at mass
  23. Define Dogma
    Doctrine taught by the church to be believed by all the faithful as part of divine revelation
  24. What is Mary's perpetual virginity?
    The belief that Mary remained a virgin her whole life
  25. Define infallibility
    Freedom from error in teaching the universal Church in matters of Faith or morals
  26. What is a Martyr?
    One who dies for their Faith
  27. What is Pentecost?
    Feast commemorating the descent of thr Holy Spirit on the Apostles
  28. Define Parable
    A short story on a familiar life experience used teach a spiritual lesson
  29. Define Conversion
    Any turning or changing from a state of sin to repetance (from sinner to holy person)
  30. Define Heresy
    Opinion or doctrine at variance with the orthodox or accepted doctrine, especially of a church
  31. What do Catholics believe about the Eucharistic Jesus Sacrafice at the Mass
    Catholics believe that the bread and wine are truley Jesus' body and blood. They believe that it brings them closer to God
  32. What is a Tabernacle?
    The safe in which the blessed sacrament is kept
  33. Five prevalent messages of the Blesses Virgin Mary
    • 1) Pray the rosary
    • 2) Monthly confession
    • 3) Read and meditate on Scripture
    • 4) Attend Holy Mass and recieve the Eucharist
    • 5) Fasting Wednesdays and Fridays
  34. What are some effects of Holy Communion
    • 1)Sustenance of the supernatural (spiritual) life
    • 2) the promise of bodily ressurection from the dead
    • 3) Remission of venial sins
    • 4) protecion against future sins
    • 5) it cures urges for sexual pleasure
  35. How do Catholics Pray?
    • 1) the rosary
    • 2) through scripture
    • 3) reconsiliation
    • 4)holy mass
    • 5)formal and spontanius prayer
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