Med Bus Law & Ethics

  1. A physician who is a generalist & treats all types & ages of pt's ???
    FAMILY PRACTIONER OR PCP{Primary Care Physician}
  2. A phys. who dx's & treats diseases of the nervous sys???

  3. A phys. who specializes in the dx & tx of diseases of the Heart & Blood Vessels???
  5. To assess immediate medical needs of a pt???
  6. "TRIAGE"
  7. A phys who specializes in treating pt's w/cancer???
  8. A phys who dx's & treats diseases & disorders of the Muscles & Bones...
  9. A phys who dx's & treats problems related to the internal organs
  10. "Internist"
  11. A phys who studies, diagnoses & treats kidney disease
  13. A phys who dx's treats disorders of the G.I. tract {Gastrtointestinal}
  14. A phy who dx's & treats disorders of the Endocrine Sys...
    • "Endocrinologist"
  15. Phys who studies Disease & the changes it produces in the Cells, Fluids, & Processes of the Entire Body...
  17. Phys who dx's & treats diseases of the Kidney, Bladder, & Urinary Sys. aka: Male Gyno...
  18. Phys who provides routine physical care of the Female Repro Sys...
  19. Phys who perfoms the Reconstruction, Correction, or Improvement of Body Structures...
    "Plastic Surgeon"
  20. Specialist who dx's & treats diseases & disorders w/Phys Therapy...
  21. Phys who uses "Whole Person" Approach 2 Health Care...
    "Dr. of Osteopathy"
  22. Specialist who treats pt's who are Ill or in Pain w/out Using Drugs or Surgery...
  23. Specialist who uses Pressure, Kneading, Stroking, Vibration, & Tapping 2 promote muscle & Full Body Relaxation...
    "Massage Therapist"
  24. Specialist who uses a Chinese Theory based on belieft of how the body works...
  25. A provider who practices med under the supervision of a phys...
  26. "Physican Ass't."
  27. An _________ dx's & treats physical reactions 2 substances such as dust & pollen
  28. An _______ dx's & treats illnesses of the Ear, Nose, Throat {E.N.T}
  29. A ______ uses medical instruments 2 correct deformities & treat external & internal injuries or disease
  30. A ___ uses medication 2 cause pt's 2 lose sensation during surgery.
  31. A Dr. of ____ holds the title of DO & focuses att on the Musculoskeletal sys.
  32. A ___ specializes in the tx of problems & diseases of older adults
  33. A ___ specializes in in the dx of & tx of diseases of the Skin, Hair & Nails
  34. A ___ dx's & treats childhood diseases
  35. A ___ specializes in taking & reading x/rays
  36. A typical tx plan for a ____ involves Exercise Prgms, Manual Tx's, & Anti-Inflammatory Meds
  37. ____ use techniques tht Increase Circulation, Remove Waste products frm Injured Tiss's, bring Fresh Blood & Nutrients 2 areas of the bdy 2 speed healing.
    "Massage Therapists"
  38. ___ are qualified 2 dx med problems, order lab tests, & carry out tx plans
    "Physician Ass't"
  39. Radiology is the branch of med science tht
    "Uses x/rays & radioactive substance 2 dx & treat disease"
  40. A Prof tht has studied the chemical & physical qualities of drugs & dispenses such medication 2 the public is a
  41. __ takes health histories, performs physical exams, conducts screening tests, & educates pt's & families abt disease prevention
    "Licensed Practical Nurse"
  42. A health care prof who wrks under the direction of a phys & manages medical emerg's tht occur away frm the medical setting is a ___
    "EMT" {Emergency Medical Tech}
  43. - Using therapy w/elect, heat, cold, ultrasound, massage & exercise a ____ helps restore phys function & relieve pain foll disease or injury
  44. - ___ are allied health prof trained 2 draw blood for dx lab testing
  45. - ___ wrks w/emotionally distrubed & mentally reatarded pt's & assists the psychiatric team
    "Mental Health Tech"
  46. A __ translates a phys directions abt pt tx's in/2 comprehensive, typed records
  47. While transferring pt's 2 the hosp, a __ records documents, & radios the pt's cond 2 the phys, describing how the injury occured.
    "E.M.T" {Emerg Med. Tech}
  48. One med ass't specialty, tht of the ___ involves assisting the pediatrician in administrative & clinical duties.
  49. - Working under the superv of a phys & a respiratory therapist, a ___ performs procedures such as artificial ventilation.
  50. - Working under the superv of a med technologist, a certified ___ performs routine procedures in bacteriology, chemistry, hematology, parasitology, serology, & urinalysis.
    "LAB TECH"
  51. - Membership in a ___, such as the Amer Med Technologists, enables one 2 get involved in relevant issues & activities.
  52. - ___ introduces a small amt of radioactive substance in/2 the body & roms an image by detecting radiation as it leaves the body.
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