1. Anorexia
    A loss or total lack of appetite.
  2. Borborygmi
    The audible rumbling sounds of gas moving through the intestinal tract. This is the plural form, and singular is borborygmus.
  3. Borborygmus
    Singular form of borborygmi.
  4. Chills
    A shivering or shaking. Also called a rigor.
  5. Rigor
    Another name for chills.
  6. Constipation
    Infrequent or difficult evacuation of feces. A symptom or a disease.
  7. Obstipation
    Constipation that continues for a prolonged period.
  8. graafian follicle
    Matured ovarian follicle that produces the female hormone estrogen.
  9. corpus luteum
    The ruptured ovarian follicle that produces the female hormone progesterone.
  10. oviducts
    Another name for fallopian tubes.
  11. ampulla
    The longest portion of the fallopian tube.
  12. infundibulum
    The widest end of the fallopian tube; it is funnel shaped.
  13. fundus
    The upper most portion of the uterus.
  14. proliferative
    A stage in the menstrual cycle where the endometrium rapidly regenerates and the blood supply increases.
  15. fornix
    A recessed area around the cervix.
  16. medulla
    Inner part of an organ, the ovaries for example.
  17. vestibular gland
    Lubricating gland for the fornix.
  18. Bartholin's gland
    Lubricating glands for the fornix.
  19. vulva
    Part of the female reproductive system called the external genitalia.
  20. mons pubis
    A pad of connective tissue that covers the symphysis pubis and (after puberty) supports the coarse pubic hair.
  21. perineum
    The area between the thighs to the anus.
  22. sebaceous glands
    Glands which secrete a greasy lubricating substance.
  23. prepuce
    A covering fold of skin of the clitoris.
  24. mammary
    Glands located within the breasts that are modified sweat glands.
  25. integumentary
    The skin.
  26. lactation
    The secretion of milk from the breasts for the nourishment of infants.
  27. areola
    A circular pigmented area that surrounds the nipple.
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