11 organ systems

  1. integumentary system
    protection from environmental hazards, temperature control
  2. skeletal system
    support, protection of soft tissue, mineral storage and blood protection
  3. Muscular system
    locomotion, support, heat production
  4. Nervous system
    directing immediate responses to stimuli, usually by coordinating the activities of other organ systems
  5. Endocrine system
    directing long term changes to the activities of other organ systems
  6. Cardiovascular system
    internal support of cells and dissolved materials including nutrients, waste and gases
  7. Lymphatic system
    defense against protection and diseases
  8. Respiratory system
    delivery of air to sites where gas exchange can occur between the air and circulating blood
  9. Digestive system
    processing of food and absorbing organic nutrients, minerals, water and vitamins
  10. Urinary system
    elimination of excess water, salts and waste products, control of pH
  11. Reproductive system
    production of sex cells and hormones
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