DNA Test

  1. Determined the structure of DNA
    Watson and Crick
  2. Structure of DNA
    Double Helix
  3. 4 nitrogenous bases
    • adenine
    • guanine
    • thymine
    • cytosine
  4. A pairs with __
  5. C pairs with __
  6. -Helicases unwind and unzip the DNA by breaking hydrogen bonds
    -creates a replication fork
    Replication Initiation
  7. DNA Polymerase adds complimentary nucleotides to each of the original strands
    DNA Elongation
  8. -DNA polymerase leaves
    -Result: two separate and identical DNA molecules that are semi-conservative
    DNA Termination
  9. Semi-conservative means
    in each double helix one strand is original and one is new
  10. Shape of RNA
    single stranded
  11. In RNA, Thymine is changed to what nitrogenous base?
  12. A ribosome attaches to the mRNA and starts to code for the nitrogenous bases
    Transcription Initiation
  13. tRNA brings the corresponding amino acid to each codon as the ribosome moves down the mRNA strand.
    Transcription Elongation
  14. Reading of the final mRNA codon (aka the STOP codon), which ends the sythesis of the peptide chain and releases it.
    Transcription Termination
  15. DNA ----> mRNA
  16. mRNA ----> Protein
  17. -ribosome attaches at start codon
    -tRNA brings in methionine
    translation initiation
  18. -tRNA brings in amino acids to build polypeptide chain
    translation elongation
  19. -when stop codon is reached, ribosome detaches and polypeptide chain leaves
    translation termination
  20. a change in any single nucleotide of a DNA sequence
    point mutation
  21. the loss of one or more nucleotides in a DNA sequence
  22. the addition of one or more extra nucleotides in a DNA sequence
  23. Deletions and Insertions are categorized as ______ mutations
  24. three possible results from a point mutation, deletion, or insertion occuring:
    Silent, Missense, Nonsense mutations
  25. the mutation does not result in a change in the amino acid sequence
    Silent mutation
  26. a mutation that causes one amino acid in the protein sequence to be changed to a different one
    Missense mutation
  27. A mutation that results in a stop codon where there used to be a codon for an amino acid. This results in translation being stopped before the primary structure of the protein is complete
    Nonsense mutation
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