Lab Values

  1. Where does CK come from? and what do elevations in CK mean?
    • Muscular tissue
    • Elevations - IM/IV injections or muscular activity
  2. Normal CK
    • Men - 60-400
    • Women - 40-150
  3. List where CK 1,2,&3 are found.
    • 1. BB Brain tissue and smooth muscle
    • 2. MB Heart tissue
    • 3.MM Muscle tissue
  4. How log does it take for enzymes to leave the bloodstream?
    <24 hours
  5. Ratio of CK MB to total CK.
    CK index
  6. When is the probability of an MI when looking at CK index?
    CK-MB is > 5 and CK index is >4 = MI
  7. What is the first enzyme to elevate after an MI?
    • CK - MB
    • Begins to rise in 3-6 hrs
    • peaks in the first 24 hrs.
  8. Normal CK - MB
    Normal CK index
    • 0-5
    • 0-3
  9. Enzyme that helps remove a water molecule from lactic acid.
    Found in large amounts in the heart, liver, muscles and erythrocytes
    Lactic Dehydrogenase - LDH
  10. LDH normal
  11. A regulatory protein found in striated muscles
    Released in bloodstream when an infarction causes damage to the myocardium
    increases in 4-6 hrs
    peaks in 14-18 hours
    remains elevated for 5-7 days
  12. What Troponin level is most indicative of an MI?
  13. Ferrous globin complex in striated muscle
    responsible for red color of the muscle and its ability to store oxygen.
    Damage to striated muscle causes release
  14. What is the earliest marker for an MI?
  15. Normal Myoglobin
    50-120 u/ml
  16. Found in the ventricles of the heart, Increases in serum when V filling pressures are high (CHF)
    Serum levels increase BEFORE ct has symptoms
    affected by kidney dzz, dialysis, diuretics and cardiac glycosides
    BNP B-Natriuretic peptide
  17. BNP normal
    < 100 pg/ml
  18. The ____________ BNP level the higher the chance of Heart Failure
  19. Protein manufactured in the liver and smooth muscle cells with coronary arteries.
    Research showing it is an independent predictor of MI, stroke, PAD, and sudden cardiac death
    C-reactive protein
  20. The _____________ the C-reactive protein the higher the risk
    higher (>3)
  21. An enzyme that helps with the digestion of starch
    found in salivary glands and pancreas
    Run as STAT test with acute abd pain
    measured in both serum and urine
    Serum Amylase
  22. Serum Amylase norm
    Normal Urinary amylase
    • 53-123
    • 4 - 400 U/L
  23. Serum amylase is combined with __________ and imaging (CT, or ultrasound) to diagnose
  24. Remains elevated in urine for as long as 2 weeks after an episode.
    usually collected over a 2 - hour period or sometimes a 24-hour urine
    Urinary Amylase
  25. Pancreatic enzyme that breaks down fat into glycerol and fatty acids
    Elevated in acute pancreatitis but later than amylase
    40-375 U/L
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