ISS First Test

  1. what are the major themes of the Us Employment System
    • Centrality of Private Property
    • Role of Gov in Employment System
    • Expansion of Markets as driver for change
    • Balancing dynamic change with security
  2. What are the four main periods
    • colonial economy- thru 1800
    • development of transportation and organizing of production-1800-civil war
    • rapid industrialization and dislocation- civil wa-1914
    • reform and stabilization- 1914-1965
  3. What was present in a colonial economy
    • centrality of agriculture
    • markets were local
    • guild production system
  4. what is a guild production system
    • small town shops
    • master jourmen and apprentice
    • guild rules control the trade
  5. what are the guild rules
    • suppression of inferior work
    • maintain prices by elimination of truck payment
    • first strike at jamestown in 1613
  6. what accounted for economic expansion after the reveolution
    • federal suppor of transportation systems and manufactures
    • federalists vs. jeffersonians
    • early canals
    • roads
    • canal projects
    • railroads
    • *look up some of the other ones
  7. seperation fo merchant to master
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