Cranial Nerves

  1. Cranial Nerves
    • Emerge from brain (mostly the brainstem)
    • Innervate head and neck
    • Most cranial nerves have an associated nucleus (cell bodies of motor neurons and some synapses from sensory neurons)
  2. Nerve Name 1 and 2
    Olfactory and optic
  3. Nerve Name 3 and 4
    Oculomotor and Trochlear
  4. Nerve Name 5 and 6
    Trigeminal and Abducens
  5. Nerve Name 7 and 8
    Facial and Vestibulocochlear
  6. Nerve Name 9 and 10
    Glossopharyngeal and Vagus
  7. Nerve Name 11 and 12
    Spinal Accessory and Hypoglossal
  8. Olfactory Nerve
    • Motor: None
    • Sensory: sense of smell (axons terminate in the amygdala and the thalamus)
  9. Optic Nerve
    • Motor: None
    • Sensory: vision (most axons terminate in the thalamus)
  10. Oculomotor Nerve
    • Motor: Eye movements, eyelid opening, pupillary constriction
    • Sensory: none
  11. Trochlear Nerve
    • Motor: Eye movements
    • Sensory: none
  12. Trigeminal Nerve
    • Motor: Mastification
    • Sensory: pain, temperature, and touch sensation on face
  13. Abducens Nerve
    • Motor: Eye movement
    • Sensory: none
  14. Facial Nerve
    • Motor: Facial expression; secretion of tears, saliva, and mucous
    • Sensory: taste from anterior 2/3 of tongue
  15. Bells' Palsy
    Unilateral facial nerve paralysis
  16. Vestibulocochlear Nerve
    • Motor: fine tuning of cochlea outer hair cells
    • Sensory: hearing, equilibrium
  17. Glossopharyngeal Nerve
    • Motor: salivation, swallowing, and gagging
    • Sensory: taste from posterior third of tongue; touch, pressure, pain, and temperature from tongue and outer ear; blood pressure and respiration monitoring
  18. Vagus Nerve
    • Motor: swallowing, speech, heart rate, bronchoconstriction, GI secretion and motility
    • Sensory: taste, hunger, fullness, GI discomfort
  19. Spinal Accessory Nerve
    • Motor: Swallowing; head, neck and shoulder movements
    • Sensory: None
  20. Hypoglossal Nerve
    • Motor: tongue movement during speech, eating, and swallowing
    • Sensory: none
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