Lesson 25: Nonfiction Terms

  1. dialect
    a geographical or social variety of a language, with its own unique vocabulary, grammar, and pronuncation, making it different from other varieties.
  2. excerpt
    A passage from a book or music that is selected, performed, or copied.
  3. exposition
    A piece of writing designed to explain or provide information
  4. figure of speech
    An expression used to create a different meaning or a different effect
  5. heading
    Something that serves as the head, such as a headline or title, at the top of the beginning of a page of text
  6. main idea
    The most important piece of information the author wants the reader to know
  7. narrative
    A story told in detail
  8. objective
    Dealing with facts as they exist, with no influence of personal feeling, prejudices, or interpretation. Fair, impartial, unbiased.
  9. speculation
    Believing something to be true, even without sufficient evidence; proposing a theory
  10. subjective
    Affected by personal vues, experience, or background. Emotional; based on inner experience rather than fact.
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Lesson 25: Nonfiction Terms