The Sunnah of the Prophet

  1. What does Sunnah mean in the widest sense?
    Sunnah is the example which the Prophet has set before us in his actions, attitudes, and sayings
  2. What does Sunnah mean literally?
    Sunnah means a way or rule or manner of acting or mode of life
  3. What does Hadith mean literally?
    Hadith means a saying conveyed to men either through hearing or through revelation
  4. Name three kinds of Sunnah
    • Qawl
    • Fi'l
    • Taqrir
  5. What is Qawl?
    It is a saying of the Prophet which has a bearing on a religious question
  6. What is Fi'l?
    It is an action or the Prophet's practice
  7. What is Taqrir?
    It is the Prophet's unspoken approval of the action or practice of another
  8. Why is Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz important?
    He was the first man who issued definite orders to the effect that written collection of Hadith be made
  9. Name the Six Sound Books
    • Sahih al Bukhari
    • Sahih Muslim
    • Sunan Abu Dawud
    • Jami at-Tirmidhi
    • Sunan Ibn Majah
    • Sunan an-Nasai
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