1. study of drugs and their effects on living tissue
  2. dx
  3. Tx
  4. Dz
  5. drug info that is specific on the geographic location or area
  6. Official name of a drug
    generic name
  7. how long does a patent last on a generic drug
    17 years
  8. brand name
    proprietary name
  9. t/f the generic name is listed in upper case
    FALSE-lower case
  10. ibuprofen is an example of what type of name
    generic name-lower case
  11. Advil or Motrin is an example of what type of drug name?
    proprietary name or brand name
  12. t/f the proprietary name is listed in lower case
  13. iso-butyl-propanic-phenolic acid is an example of what kind of drug name?
    chemical name
  14. only generic drugs that are ______ _____ can be marketed
    biologically equivalent
  15. _____ ______ = two formulations of drug meet the same chemical and physical standards required by FDA
    chemical equivalency
  16. _____ ____=ability of generic drug to reach blood levels equivalent to those reached by a brand name drug
    biologically equivalent
  17. what regulatory agency approves safety, effective drugs and removes if not safe
  18. what regulatory agency can change Rx to OTC
  19. what regulatory agency sets standards for drug purity and strength
  20. what regulatory agency enforces federal consumer protection laws
  21. what regulatory agency regulates marketing practices and advertising on food OTC drugs and dietary supplements
  22. what regulatory agency identifies drugs capable of addiction
  23. what regulatory agency sets requirements for prescribing abuse drugs?
  24. if you recommended or a sample is given what must the clinician do (hint we do this more than clean teeth at our clinic)
    • write it in the record
    • record instructions given also
  25. t/f the most important role of a dental hygienist with pharmacology is to understand clinical implications of drug effects
    true true
  26. All of the following statements are true about drugs EXCEPT

    • E) Drugs include foods
    • Food is not included in the definition of a drug. The distinction is less clear when chemical substances from plants are added into foods
  27. The regulatory agency which establishes standards for drug purity and strength is:

    • C) FDA
    • The FDA is charged with the responsibility to approve
    • drugs that have been shown to be safe and effective. It enforces the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act which regulates labeling and packaging of drug products
    • and establishes standards for purity and strength.
  28. Which of the following is a side effect of a drug that might result in a dental hygienist modifying the treatment plan?

    • E) All of the above
    • All of the choices are factors that might result in the dental hygienist altering the treatment plan. Other side effects that might alter the treatment plan include oral
    • ulcerations, taste disturbances, nausea, abdominal pain, respiratory effects, CNS effects, and other effects relevant to oral health care
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