1. a formal speech that sb. makes to a group of people

    Ansprache Rede
    address (to)
  2. sb. who works for the government, esp. sb. who is elected

    Staatsbeamter, Angestellter im öffentlicihen Dienst
    public servant
  3. to be in a position where your body is resting on your knees

    to kneel (knelt/kneeled)
  4. to stay loyal to sb. and support them, esp. in a difficult situation

    jem. beistehen
    to stand by sb. (stood/stood)
  5. to grieve for sb.

    um jem. trauern
    to mourn for sb.
  6. extreme sadness, esp. because sb. you love has died

    Gram, Kummer, Leid, Schmerz
    grief (over/at)
  7. the Bible

    die Heilige Schrift
  8. to live in a particular place

    wohnen, leben
    to dwell (dwelt/dwelled)
  9. the time early in the morning when it starts getting light

    the break of day
  10. sb. who votes in a particular area

  11. Wahlkreis,-bezirk
  12. sein Recht (auf etw.) geltend machen
    to exercise o's right to (do) sth.
  13. a principle of belief, esp. one that is part of a larger system of beliefs

    Grundsatz, Lehrsatz, Lehre
  14. to think that sb. is likely to happen in the future

    sich etw. vorstellen
    to envision sth.
  15. typical

    durch und durch, fundamental
  16. to completely destroy or ruin sth.

    etw. zerschmettern, zertrümmern, zerstören
    to shatter sth.
  17. to choose sb. for a position or a job

    jem. ernennen
    to appoint sb. (to sth.)
  18. to become important, powerful, successful, or rich

    etw. erlangen
    to rise to (do) sth. (rose/risen)
  19. der Messe beiwohnen
    to attend Mass
  20. to be loud and clear

    ertönen, knallen
    to ring out (rang/rung)
  21. to protect sb. / sth. from being harmed or damaged

    jem. / etw. beschützen, beschirmen
    to shield sb. / sth. (from)
  22. to die

    verschieden, sterben
    to pass away
  23. to go away to a quiet place

    sich zurückziehen
    to retire (to)
  24. to have sth. as a main subject or purpose

    sich um etw. drehen, um etw. kreisen
    to revolve around
  25. a warm thick cover for a bed

  26. to use a needle and thread to make or repair clothes or fasten sth. to them

    to sew (sewn/sewed)
  27. Schürze
  28. to begin to like sb.

    zu jem. Zuneigung fassen
    to take a liking to sb. (took/taken)
  29. free time

    spare time
  30. to willingly stop having sth. you want or doing sth. you like in order to get sth. more important

    etw. opfern
    to sacrifice sth. (for)
  31. Leiter(in) der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
    outreach director
  32. to deal with sth. or do sth. for sb.

    sich um etw. kümmern
    to see to sth. (saw/seen)
  33. the woman who a man is going to marry

  34. to say publicly or officially that sth. important is true or exists

    etw. erklären, ausrufen
    to proclaim sth.
  35. to think sb. could easily do sth. wrong or illegal

    jem. etw. zutrauen
    to put sth. past sb. (put/put)
  36. a feeling of being grateful for sth.

    Würdigung, Anerkennung, Dankbarkeit
    appreciation (for)
  37. lucky

  38. brave

  39. to want sb. to succeed in competition, test, of difficult situation

    jem. anfeuern, jem. die Daumen drücken
    to root for sb.
  40. to give help to sb. who needs it, esp. sb. who is sick or old

    jem. behilflich, dienlich sein
    to minister to sb.
  41. to look after sth.

    sich um etw. kümmern, für etw. sorgen
    to tend to sth.
  42. to try to deal with sb.

    jem. packen; mit jem. aneinandergeraten
    to tackle sb.
  43. Munition
  44. definitely true or known to exist

  45. to order sb. to come to a place

    jem. zusammenrufen
    to summon sb.
  46. an advantage or good feature of sth.

    Verdienst, Wert, Vorzug
  47. a quality you need to achieve sth.

    Bestandteil, Merkmal
  48. very keen and excited about doing sth.

    begierig, erpicht, etw. zu tun
    eager to do sth.
  49. to make sb. feel ill or unhappy

    jem. schmerzen
    to ail sb.
  50. to stay alive after you have been very ill or badly injured

    durchkommen, wieder auf die Beine kommen
    to pull through
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