3B - Ch. 2 (Korean to English)

  1. (-이/가) 들어 있다
    to contain
  2. 뜨겁다
    to be hot
  3. -을 만큼
    as much as...; enough to...
  4. meaning
  5. 나물
    cooked and seasoned vegetables or uncooked vegetables
  6. soup
  7. 한정식
    a Korean traditional meal
  8. 밀가루
  9. green onion
  10. 해물
  11. 덜다
    to put in a smaller bowl
  12. 비비다
    to mix
  13. 싸다
    to wrap
  14. 찍다
    to dip (into a sauce)
  15. 둘이 먹다가 하나 죽어도 모를 만큼 맛있어요.
    It was so delicious that if two people were eating and one died the other wouldn't notice.
  16. 뭐 드실래요?
    What would you like to eat?
  17. 뭘로 만든 거예요?
    What is this made out of?
  18. 아무거나 다 잘 먹어요.
    I can eat anything/everything.
  19. 좀 덜 맵게 해 주세요.
    Could you make it less spicy?
  20. 국물
  21. 후식
    a dessert
  22. 메뉴
  23. 메뉴판
    menu (bill of fare)
  24. (-이/가) 끓다
    to boil
  25. 빼다
    to take out
  26. 돼지고기 빼고
    without pork
  27. 요청하다
    to request
  28. 부족하다
    to be lacking, not enough
  29. less
  30. 오래
    long time
  31. 자세히
    specifically, in detail
  32. 불판을 갈다
    to change the grill
  33. 더위
    heat, hot weather
  34. 복날
    'the dog days' of summer
  35. 초복
    the first dog day
  36. 중복
    the middle dog day
  37. 말복
    the final dog day
  38. 종류
    kind, sort
  39. line
  40. 줄을 서다
    to stand in line
  41. 차례
  42. 힘이 생기다
    to gain strength
  43. 네? 뭐라고요?
    Huh? What (did you say)?
  44. 닭이 다 떨어졌어요.
    We are all out of chicken.
  45. 아, 그렇군요.
    (Oh,) I see.
  46. 이야기 좀 하면서 기다리지요, 뭐.
    Eh, we can just talk while we wait.
  47. 이제 우리 차례예요.
    It's our turn.
  48. 점심시간이 다 됐네요.
    It's time to eat lunch, It's already lunchtime.
  49. stomach
  50. 속이 불편하다
    to have an upset stomach
  51. 속이 시원하다
    to feel stomach relief
  52. 달콤하다
    to taste sweet
  53. 거의
    almost, nearly
  54. 그동안 잘 지내셨어요?
    Have you been well?
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