Lecture 10: Epithelium & Juntions

  1. External lamina
    for non-epithelial cells
  2. Basolateral Junction:
    • tight junction- sep apical from basolateral region
    • lateral specialization- inflodings, inc SA
  3. tight junction
    • sep outside from inside.
    • claudins (i.e. paracellular pathway) and occludins
  4. zonula adherens
    actin fil of terminal web insert into protein of zonula adherens by cadherins
  5. desmosmes
    • spot welds
    • cadherins
    • skin epithelium has preven abrasion
  6. Hemidesmosomes
    basal ends (basal lamina) connected through integrin

    epidermolysis bullosa-
    hemidesmosome problem, blistering
  7. Focal adhesion
    • cell migation, (dis)assembly leading and lagging ends
    • integrin links actin to fibronectin (ECM glycoprotein)
  8. Gap Junctions
    • intercellular communication
    • identical connexin rings-> donut called connexOn, makes like a pathway
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Lecture 10: Epithelium & Juntions
Epithelium & Juntions