neonatal exam/assess/resuscitation/inavasive monitoring

  1. what intervention would you initiate for a Neonate with a APGAR score at 1 min of life (0 &3)
  2. what intervention would you initiate for a Neonate with a APGAR score at 1 min of life (7&9)
    • nothing--
    • monitor vital signs
    • maintain thermoregulation

    after 5 min-- repeat apgar score
  3. when do you do apgar score
    1 min into life then 5min into life
  4. 3 classic signs of respiratory distress
    • retractions
    • nasal flaring
    • grunting
  5. list 3 to obtain a neonate hr
    • umbilical stomp
    • apical (heart)
    • brachial
  6. 5 steps of 30 sec of life (in order)
    • thermoregulation
    • proper positioning
    • clear the airway
    • tactile stimulation
    • vital signs
  7. what type of vital signs
    • hr
    • rr
    • quality of respirations
    • color
  8. neonatal resuscitation is based on assessment of a neonates:
  9. what are some ways we can maintain a neonates thermoregulation
    • heated linens
    • radiant warmer--isolate
    • cap
    • bundle them up after assessing w/ warm linens
  10. 2 method used to determine gestational age of a neonate
    • ballard- age assesmment tool
    • physical exam
  11. whats the difference btwn primary apnea and secondary apnea
    primary-- will respond to tactile stimulation/ can occur before birth

    secondary-- will not respond/ must provide PPV positive pressure ventilation
  12. the longer you take to get vital signs back, rule of thumb
    harder its going to be
  13. what is periodic breathing and how does it differ from true apnea
    • variation and the rate of the breathing
    • remain stable

    • true apnea-- greater than 20 seconds of apnea
    • associated with bradycardia, destaturation, change in color
  14. is periodic breathing common
    yes among premature
  15. what is the initial response to hypothermia
    peripheral vasoconstriction
  16. why is it important to prevent cold stress or hypothermia
    • leads to metabolic acidosis
    • inc oxy consumption
    • hard to reverse
    • harder to resuscitate
  17. what is narcan
    narcotic reversible

    only give to mothers that got a small amount of narcotics to give labor
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neonatal exam/assess/resuscitation/inavasive monitoring
neonatal exam/assess/resuscitation/inavasive monitoring