Chapter 16

  1. Arraignment
    a hearing in which a suspect is charged and pleads guilty or not guilty
  2. Cross-Examine
    to question a witness at a trial or a hearing to check or discredit the testimony
  3. Crime
    an act that breaks a law and causes harm to people or society in general
  4. Complaint
    A formal notice hat a lawsuit is being brought
  5. Defendant
    An individual or group being sued or charged with a crime
  6. Injunction
    a court order commanding a person or group to stop a certain action
  7. Hung Jury
    a jury that cannot agree on a verdict
  8. Juvenile
    a person not yet legally an adult
  9. Juvenile Delinquent
    a child or teenager who commits a serious crime or repeatedly breaks the law
  10. Plaintiff
    A person or party filing a law suit
  11. Rehabilitate
    to correct a person's behavior

    • Summons
    • a notice directing someone to appear in court to answer a complaint or a charge
  12. Testimony
    The statement a witness makes under oath
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