1. Anatomical Position
    Body is erect. Palms, arms and hands face forward.
  2. Axial Skeleton
    Head & trunk (spinal column being axis)
  3. Appendicular Skeleton
    Lower & upper limbs
  4. Neuraxis
    Axis of the brain
  5. Frontal section
    Divides the body into front & back halves
  6. Midsagital Section
    Cutting the body into left and right halves
  7. Sagital section
    Any cut the divides the body into left & right portions
  8. Coronal Section
    Divides the body into front and back
  9. Anterior
  10. Ventral
    Pertaing to the belly (anterior surface)
  11. Posterior
    Towards the rear
  12. Dorsal
    Pertaining to the back of the body, or distal
  13. Rostral
    Toward the head (a structure anterior to another-within the cranium)
  14. Peripheral
    Relative to the periphery or away from
  15. Superficial
    On or near the surface
  16. Deep
    Further from the surface
  17. External
  18. Internal
    Within the body
  19. Prone
    Body in horizontal position and face down
  20. Supine
    Bosy in horizontal position and face up
  21. Lateral
    Toward the side
  22. Proximal
    Nearest to the point of attachment
  23. Flexion
  24. Extension
    To stretch
  25. Hyperextension
    Extreme extension
  26. Dorsiflexion
    Flexion that brings dorsal surface into closer proximity (hyperextension)
  27. Plantar
    Pertaining to the sole of the foot
  28. Plantar flexion
    Standing on your tippy toes
  29. Plantar Grasp Reflex
    Grasping of toes
  30. Inversion
    Turning sole of foot inward
  31. Eversion
    Turning foot outward
  32. Palmar
    Palm of the hand
  33. Pronate
    Palm in prone position
  34. Supinate
    Palm facing up
  35. Ipsilateral
    Same side
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