Anatomy Vocab

  1. Anatomy
    The study of the structure of an organism.
  2. Physiology
    The study of the function of the living organism and its parts and chemical processes.
  3. Gross Anatomy
    The study of the body and its visible parts.
  4. Microscopic Anatomy
    The study of the structures of the body with the aid of a microscope.
  5. Surface Anatomy
    The study of the body and it's surace markings as related to underlying structures.
  6. Developmental Anatomy
    The study of anatomy with reference to growth and development from conception to adulthood.
  7. Pathological
    • Pathos, disease
    • Lagos, study
  8. Pathological Anatomy
    The study of parts of the body with respect to diseases.
  9. Comparative Anatomy
    The study of homologous (chromosome) structures of different animals.
  10. Respiratory Physiology
    The study of the function in respiration
  11. Cytology
    The study of cells
  12. Histology
    The study of tissue
  13. Osteology
    The study of structure and function of bones.
  14. Myology
    The study of muscle form and function
  15. Arthrology
    The study of joint systems for bones
  16. Angiology
    The study of blood vessels and the lymphatic system.
  17. Neurology
    The study of the nervous system
  18. Descriptive Anatomy
    Relates to the individual parts of the body to functional systems
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