The Book of Joshua

  1. Who was Israel's military leader?
    Joshua was Israel's military leader.
  2. What does Joshua mean?
    Joshua means "Jehovah is Salvation".
  3. What tribe was Joshua from?
    Joshua was from the tribe of Ephriam.
  4. Who was the harlot of Jericho?
    Rahab was the harlot of Jericho.
  5. Who was Rahab an ancestor of?
    Rahab was an ancestor of Jesus.
  6. What was Rahab's confession of faith in God?
    "for the LORD your God is God in heaven above and on the earth below."
  7. What did Achan steal, and where from?
    Achan stole gold and silver from Jericho.
  8. Where was Achan killed?
    Achan was killed and buried in the Valley of Achor.
  9. How do we know that Achan was aware of his wrongdoing?
    Achan's conscious act of stealing was evidenced by his attempts to hide the gold and silver.
  10. What tribe was Achan from?
    Achan was from the tribe of Judah.
  11. What addiction did Achan suffer from?
    Achan was a compulsive gambler.
  12. What did the Gibeonites do to Israel?
    The Gibeonites succeeded in fooling Israel into believing that they were peaceful people from far away, when in reality they were neighbors. Israel did not consult God, and entered into a vow with the Gibeonites.
  13. Since the Gibeonites could not be killed off by Israel, what became of them?
    The Gibeonites became slaves to the Israelites.
  14. What does Adoni-zedek mean?
    Adoni-zedek means "Lord of Righteousness".
  15. What was Adoni-zedek king of?
    • Adoni-zedek was king of Jerusalem.
    • He was also the head of the 5 Southern kings that attacked the Gibeonites.
  16. What was Jabin king of?
    • Jabin was king of Hazor.
    • He was also the head of the Northern Kings.
  17. Where was Jabin defeated?
    Jabin was defeated at the waters of Merom.
  18. What does "Caleb" mean?
    Caleb means dog.
  19. What did Caleb have to do with the Promised Land?
    • Caleb was one of the 12 spies.
    • He was also one of the two honest spies.
  20. What did Caleb want his inheritance to be?
    Caleb wanted to inherit Hebron.
  21. What was Phineas' occupation?
    Phineas was a priest.
  22. What confrontation did Phineas head up?
    Phineas led the confrontation of the Eastern Tribes, concerning the Imposing Altar.
  23. Who were Joseph's parents?
    Joseph's parents were Jacob and Rachel.
  24. Where were Joseph's bones buried?
    Joseph's bones were buried at Shechem.
  25. What did Gilgal serve as?
    Gilgal served as the base camp for the Israelite army.
  26. Where was the first national monument (the 12 stones) located?
    The 12 Stones were located at Gilgal.
  27. Where did Israel have their first great victory during the years of conquest?
    Israel's first great victory was at Jericho.
  28. Why did Israel lose a battle to Ai, even though Ai was considered to be a very easy target?
    Israel lost because of Achin's sin.
  29. Who was Rizpah?
    • Rizpah was the mother of two of the bodies, and the aunt of the other 5.
    • She tried to preserve the bodies by fending off animals and mourning over the bodies for about two weeks.
  30. What was significant about the Cave of Makkedah?
    • The Cave of Makkedah was significant because the Amorite kings tried to hide there.
    • the Amorite kings were later buried in the Cave of Makkedah.
  31. What was Hazor?
    • Hazor was a Canaanite city.
    • It was burned to the ground because it represented Canaan's resistance.
  32. What did the tribe of Dan do during this book?
    • Dan did a poor job of collecting their inheritance. They passed up a large amount of good land for a smaller plot farther north.
    • Dan was relatively inactive during this book.
  33. What were the Cities of Refuge?
    Kadesh, Shechem, Hebron, Bezer, Ramoth, and Golan.
  34. What was special about the city of Hebron?
    Caleb wanted Hebron as his inheritance.
  35. Where was the Imposing Altar located?
  36. Where was the tabernacle moved to?
    The tabernacle was moved to Shiloh.
  37. Why was Shiloh a good place for the tabernacle?
    Shiloh was a good place for the tabernacle because it was both a spiritual and geographical center of Israel.
  38. What is an example of a type of Christ in Joshua?
    Rahab's Scarlet Rope is an example of a type of Christ.
  39. What incident was considered to be a "major blunder"?
    The gibeonite incident was a major blunder.
  40. What were the 5 miracles in Joshua?
    The 5 miracles were the Division of the Jordan, the Walls of Jericho, the Hailstones, the Extended Daylight, and possibly the Hornets.
  41. What were the six National Monuments in Joshua?
    • The 12 Stones from the Jordan at Gilgal
    • the Valley of Achor
    • the Pile of Rocks over King of Ai
    • the Cave of Makkedah
    • the Imposing Altar at Geliloth
    • the Large rock under the Oak Tree at Shechem
  42. What are the three parts of hermeneutics?
    • Context
    • Translation
    • Preponclueics
  43. What is heresy?
    Heresy is taking a verse out of the Bible, and then pairing it with another verse taken out of context, in order to change the meaning of the verses.
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