1. boat etiquitte
  2. What does a Flat Truck signify?
    Officer equavalent to LCDR
  3. What is a Alpha flag?
    diver within 100 yards
  4. What is a Bravo flag?
    transferring fuel or explosives
  5. What is a Hotel flag?
    mooring alongside
  6. What is Lima flag?
    HERO restriction
  7. What is Mike flag?
    Medical guard
  8. What is Papa flag?
    Personnel recall
  9. What is Oscar Flag?
    Man overboard
  10. What is Five flag?
    break down
  11. What is a destress signal in internationl?
    November over Charlie
  12. What is a Zero flag?
    military guard duty
  13. What designates a ship as a SOPA?
    starboard pennant
  14. Absence of a unit commander?
    first substitute
  15. Absence of the CO?
    third substitute
  16. Third sub is flown where?
    forward outboard
  17. Maximum absence of officers?
    72 hours
  18. How to rig a multiple flag hoist?
    top to bottom, outboard to inboard
  19. Flags always ready to break when underway?
    Oscar and five
  20. What flag at the bottom of the flag hoist, means execute immediately?
  21. Recall for the Admiral's barge flag?
    Qp1 (Quebec over pennant 1)
  22. Recall for the captain's gig?
    Qp4 (Quebec over pennant 4)
  23. Visual signals in order.
    • small craft
    • gale
    • storm
    • hurricane
  24. Day time signal for a small craft warning?
    1 red pennant
  25. Day time signal for a storm warning?
    Red flag with a black square in the center
  26. Night time signal for a hurricane?
    red, white, red
  27. Night time signal for a gale warning?
    white, red
  28. Two groups of navigational rules?
    • international
    • inland
  29. At what point do you separate from international to inland rules?
    the line of demarkation
  30. What should you assume if your are international or inland?
    always assume you're in intertantional waters
  31. What condition describe the collision course?
    Contant Bearing Decreasing Range (CBDR)
  32. Duties of stand on vessel?
    maintain course of speed
  33. Duties of gave way vessels?
    alter course of speed to avoid collission
  34. Arc of a vessel danger zone?
    Dead ahead to 22.5 degree abaft of starboard beam
  35. Duration of a short blast?
    1 sec
  36. Manuevering course to starboard under internation rules?
    1 short blast
  37. 2 short blast under international rules?
    course to port
  38. Inland rule "I am to leave you on my port side".
    1 short blast
  39. Inlang rule, when signal is passed in agreement?
    same signal as the passing vessel
  40. Distance required to sound manuevering signal under inland rules?
    half a mile
  41. Distance require to sound manuevering signal under internationl rules?
    if on sight with one another
  42. Mast head light arc of visibility?
  43. Side light arc of visibility?
  44. Stern light arc of visibility?
  45. All around light arc of visibility?
  46. Towing light color?
    yellor or amber
  47. Flashing light flashes at what interval?
    120 per minute or 2 per sec
  48. Flashing light is found in what vessels?
  49. Flashing light color?
    yellow or amber
  50. Numbers of anchor lights on over 50 meter vessels?
  51. Navigation lights required on over 50 meter vessels underway?
    • 2 masthead
    • sidelights and
    • stern
  52. Vessel aground day shape display?
    3 black balls in a vertical line
  53. Sailing Vessel day shape being propelled by a machinery.
    connecal shape apec
  54. Vessel underway, green over white light.
  55. Vessel undereay, red over white light.
  56. IALA system consist of how many region?
    2, A and B
  57. US is what region?
  58. Five basic shapes of buoys.
    • can
    • nun
    • spherical
    • pillar
    • spar
  59. Color of starboard lateral marks of region B. right returning
  60. Color of top band port side of region B.
  61. Red and green horizontally banded buoys mark.
    preffered channel or junction
  62. Color of isolated danger mark.
    red and black
  63. Navigable water lies on the north
    triangle pointed up, color black on top over yellow
  64. Navigable water lies to the east.
    triangles away from each other, black over yellow over black
  65. Special mark color.
  66. 4 common types of buoys for A and B.
    • cardinal
    • isolated danger
    • safe water
    • special
  67. Region A: Color of preffered channel mark to port.
    top band of green
  68. Region A: color of preffered channel mark to starboard.
    top band of red
  69. Region A: number found on green bouy.
    even numbers
  70. 3 solid structures of buoys.
    • can
    • nun
    • spar
  71. Compass card is devided into how many degrees?
  72. What is a lovers line?
    stationary line indicates the boats heading
  73. True north is also known as...
    geographical north
  74. What does a magnetic compass use as a reference point.
    magnetic north
  75. Where is variation mount?
    centerof the compass rose
  76. 2 causes of a compass error.
    variation and deviation
  77. What is variation?
    angle degree between magnetic and true north
  78. Deviation table and devided into how many degree?
    15 degree increments
  79. Where is deviation found?
    deviation table
  80. Correcting: memory aid.
    • Can
    • Dead
    • Man
    • Vote
    • Twice
    • At
    • Election
  81. Correcting: what course to what course.
    compass to true
  82. Correcting: when to add or subtract?
    • add easterly
    • subtract westerly
  83. Uncorrecting: memory aid
    • True
    • Vampire
    • Make
    • Dull
    • Companions
    • At
    • Wakes
  84. Uncorrecting: what course to what course.
    true to compass
  85. Uncorrecting: when to add or subtract?
    • add westerly
    • subtract easterly
  86. Day shape of sailing vessel propelled by machinery.
    conical shape
  87. Names the 3 types of charts.
    • sailing
    • coastal and
    • harbor
  88. Chart coxswain is most concern with.
    harbor approach
  89. What is color gray or gold.
    land area
  90. What is color white?
  91. What is coor blue?
  92. When are water depths found on charts usually figures.
    lower low water
  93. Difference between latitude and longitude.
    • latitude: run from east - west, measure from north - south
    • longitude: run from north - south, measure from east - west, meets at n-s poles
  94. Tools used to measure distance on the chart.
  95. Can you meaure distance thru longitude?
    no, because the end point decreases
  96. Pub to consult a chart.
    Chart no. 1
  97. Pum issue to ship in a weekly basis to make corrections to charts.
    Notice to mariners
  98. Overall lenght of the RHIB.
    23 ft 9 in
  99. What is the RHIB hull made of?
    glass re enforced plastic
  100. Personnel capacity of the RHIB.
    18 including the crew
  101. Speed of a RHIB.
    28 knots
  102. What is a RHIB.
    Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat
  103. Size anchor to be used on the RHIB.
    12 lbs
  104. How long to cool down a RHIB.
    5 min
  105. When starting a RHIB,what is the position of the throttle.
  106. Fuel capacity of the RHIB.
    35 gal
  107. Primary used of the RHIB.
    ready life boat
  108. Range of a RHIB.
    100 miles
  109. Range of the water temp in the RHIB with a commings engine.
    35-195 F
  110. What should never be used as an aid to start a RHIB
  111. Proper approach angle.
    20 degree
  112. making a pier landing.
    put in neutral, towards the pier
  113. What is the next step after a forward motion has stopped?
  114. Higher speed hazard to the RHIB.
    tripping and going airbourne
  115. How properly drive a RHIB.
    one hand of the wheel one on the throttle, unless making a turn
  116. Purpose of the pivot turn.
    to make abrupt course change without tripping or going airbourne
  117. Four uncotrollable forces governing RHIB handling.
    • wind
    • current
    • tide
    • manuevering phase
  118. 2 types of tows.
    alongside and stern
  119. Safe towing speed.
    4-8 knots
  120. Three lines used alongside tow.
    • tow line
    • bow backing line
    • stern line
  121. When is stern tow used.
    open water or long distances
  122. when is alongside tow used.
    in protected water
  123. Proper scope of an anchor line.
    5-7 times the depth of the water
  124. Considered the ideal place to drop the anchor.
    clay, muddy or sandy
  125. When towing, what is a determined set mean.
    crest and wave at the same time
  126. Which line should carry all the strain when towing alongside.
    tow line
  127. Another name for the alongside tow.
    manuevering tow
  128. Meaning of the 8 flag
    steer straight away from the ship
  129. One green star from the ship to the boat at night.
    steer starboard
  130. One green star from the boat to the ship at night.
    cant find the man
  131. Green, white, red
    • green -cant be seen
    • white -im alright
    • red -im dead
  132. 3 types of RHIB recovery
    • swimmer
    • direct
    • indirect
  133. Which way should the wheel be turned to the victim
    toward the victim
  134. How many members a rescue boat crew
  135. 3 phases of recovery.
    • planing
    • transition
    • steer
  136. Visual signal at night for steading on course.
    flares....not sure
  137. Swimeers tending line make of.
    yellow polypropolene
  138. 3 common causes of small boat disaster
    • overload
    • inexperienced
    • improper handling
    • speed
    • fire
  139. 2 causes of fire on a small boat
    • improper housing keeping
    • defects
  140. Overall responsibility of the boat
  141. Full control over all the passenger
  142. If boat is on fire, which direction to disembark.
    windward: when youre facing the wind
  143. Type of hook used in a slad.
    automatic releasing hook
  144. Used to support the boat when in fouled position
    fume rest....not sure
  145. Used pulled the boat when cast off
    all tension device
  146. What all personnel briefted in prior to operation
    safety precation and operation
  147. position fo the outdrive when from stow to reel position
    fully rigged position
  148. Purpose of sea davit
    keep the boat underneath the ship
  149. purpose of a lizard line
    hoist the sea panter
  150. Type of knots used on monkey line
    figure 8 knots
  151. How far apart a figure 8 knots
    18 in
  152. Type of davit designed for the RHIB
    moving arm davit
  153. Davit a flag considered to be.
    mechanical davit
  154. 4 lines used when launching the RHIB
    • sea painter
    • fwd setting line
    • aft setting line
    • control line
  155. Ready life boat should be equiped with what
    quick releases
  156. How is lowering a boat controlled using a gravity davit
    break handle
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