ELED 340

  1. Coronado
    explore southwestern United States
  2. Christopher Columbus
    sails from Spain looking for shorter route to Asia
  3. Magellan
    • 1st to sail around the world
    • leaves from Spain
  4. de Soto
    explores southeastern United States
  5. Champlain
    first settlement in Canada
  6. Hudson
    explores New York and Hudson River
  7. Marquette and Jolliet
    explores the Mississippi River
  8. King George
    king of Britain

    does not allow America to seperate
  9. Proclamation of 1763
    prohibits settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains
  10. Sugar Act
    1st tax ever

    taxes molasses to help pay for British troops in America
  11. Stamp Act
    taxes anything printed

    colonists believe "no taxation without representation"
  12. Boston Massacre
    British fire into a crowd of angry colonists killing five
  13. Committee of Correspondence
    formed by Samuel Adams

    committee formed to improve communication between colonies
  14. Boston Tea Party
    led by Samuel Adams

    rebellion against Tea Acts
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