wk #2 dental mat-ch 15definitions

  1. hard replicas of hard and soft tissue for the patient's oral cavity made from gypsum products; also referred to as models
  2. the WEAKest, most PORous form of GYPSUM product used in dentistry
    model plaster (that MODEL gets WEAK when she PORes herself a glass of GYPSUM and gets PLASTERED)
  3. a stronger, less porous form of gypsum product used in dentistry
    dental stone (stones are not porous)
  4. replicas of the prepared teeth that are generally removable from the working cast
  5. THE DENSEST FORM OF GYPSUM product used in dentistry
    die stone
  6. casts generally made from dental plaster or stone used for pt education tx planning, and tracking the progress of tx, as with ortho models; these casts are known as study models
    dignostic casts
  7. casts generally made from one of the dental stones that are strong enough to resist the stresses of fabricating an indirect restoration or prostheses; these casts are known as master casts
    working casts
  8. pouring the cast refers to the process of vibrating the flowable gypsum product into the imp; this process must produce a cast that is the exact replica of the impression
  9. the process of removing excess hardened gypsum from the cast for ease in working with the cast and appearance in presentation
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wk #2 dental mat-ch 15definitions
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