1. What type of rotor system does the 64 have?
    four bladed, 48 ft diameter, fully articulated and ballistically tolerant
  2. How is driving torque transmitted to the hub from the main transmission?
    by a steel driveshaft in the static mast
  3. What does the strap pack do?
    permits flapping and feathering motion and transmits centrifugal loads from the main rotor blades to the hub
  4. What do the lead/lag dampers do?
    control the lead/lag motion of the rotor blades and prevent mass imbalance (unequal blade spacing)
  5. What does the main rotor drive plate do?
    transfers rotating motion from the main rotor drive shaft to drive the main rotor head assembly
  6. What is the max Nr?
    110% max (>110 red)
  7. Define the tail rotor assembly.
    a four-blade, semi-rigid, teetering, single head design
  8. What is the angle of the tail rotor blades?
    set 55 degrees apart
  9. How are the integral clevises on the tail rotor set apart?
    set 180 degrees apart and provide attachment for the drive links
  10. How many spars are within the main rotor, and tail rotor?
    • main - 4
    • tail - 3
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