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  1. "cuboidal with microvilli?
    reabsorbtion in PCT"
  2. "beta cells?
    insulin producing cells in pancreas"
  3. "keratinized stratified squamous?
    cell/tissue of the skin (epithelial)"
  4. "Goblet cells?
    Mucus producing cell of GI tract"
  5. "Kupffer cells?
    Macrophages of the liver"
  6. "Dust cells?
    Lung Macrophages"
  7. "Cells of Langerhans?
    fixed macrophages in skin"
  8. "simple squamous?
    simple epithelial cells of alveolar sacs"
  9. "nonkeratinized stratified squamous?
    epithelial tissue in mouth
  10. "alpha cells?
    pancreatic cells that produce glucagon"
  11. "Chondrocytes?
    Cartilage producing cells"
  12. "Peg cells?
    oviduct cells that capacitates sperm"
  13. "pseudostratified ciliated?
    epithelial cells of the trachea"
  14. "brunners cell?
    protects duodenum with mucus secreation"
  15. "Acinar cells?
    enzyme producing cells of the pancreas"
  16. "Paneth cells?
    Immune defense cells in GI tract"
  17. "Parafollicular cell?
    Secreate calcitonin in thyroid"
  18. "Leydig cells?
    cells that secrete testosterone in testes"
  19. "Adipocyte?
    Fat storage cell"
  20. "Macula densa cells?
    regulate mesengial cell and GFR"
  21. "Mesangial cells?
    Helps regulate the GFR"
  22. "Juxtaglomerular cells?
    Kidney cells that produce rennin"
  23. "Theca cells?
    LH receptor/produce estrogen"
  24. "Granulosa cell?
    Estrogen producing cell of ovaries"
  25. "Podocyte?
    Part of glomerular filtration membrane"
  26. "Dark cells?
    Eccrine (sweat) gland cells"
  27. "Osteoblast?
    Formation of bone"
  28. "Osteocyte?
    Bone building cell"
  29. "Osteoclast?
    Removes calcium from bone tissue"
  30. "Satellite cells?
    skeletal muscle stem cells"
  31. "Purkinje fiber cell?
    conduct an impulse enabling the heart to contract"
  32. "Reticulocyte?
    Immature RBC"
  33. "Mast cell?
    Produces histamine and heparin"
  34. "Basophil?
    white blood cell that are involved in inflammatory reactions in your body"
  35. "Plasma cell?
    produces antibodies"
  36. "Merkle's cell?
    skin nerve cells that sense light touch"
  37. "Melanocyte?
    cells of the skin that produce melanin"
  38. "Schwann cell?
    Produce myelin for PNS"
  39. "Oligodendrocyte?
    Myelin producing cells of CNS"
  40. Astrocyte?
    Brain cells of BB barrier
  41. "Sertoli cell?
    Incubator cell for sperm"
  42. "Dendritic cell?
    Immune APC cells"
  43. "Choroid plexus cells?
    Epidendymal cells that produce CSF"
  44. "Chromaffin cell?
    cells of adrenal medulla"
  45. "Magnocellular cells?
    Visual preception cells in brain"
  46. "Epidemymal cell?
    Cells in the epididymis"
  47. "Clara cell?
    Bronchiolar stem cell"
  48. "Chief cell?
    Pepsin producing stomach cell"
  49. "Type I pneumocyte?
    Secrete sufactant in the lungs"
  50. "Pericyte?
    Produces tissue around capillaries"
  51. "Mirror neurons?
    Enable empathy"
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